Soup Cookie Serenade: White Kids Sing KKK Khristmas Karol “Jingle Bells” In History Class

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Source: NBC12 / NBC12

White High School Students Sings Racist “Jingle Bells” In Class

Two pieces of s#!t 17-year-olds who attend Dover High School in New Hampshire thought it would be really cute to remix the holiday favorite “Jingle Bells” into a racist Christmas carol that only David Duke could love.

According to Washington Post, a Snapchat video was recorded inside of a history class where two white students were performing the song with the lyrics:

“KKK, KKK, let’s kill all the blacks, burn a cross in their front yard and hope they don’t come back,” the students sang. Not all the lyrics in the one-minute video are audible, but they continue the racist sentiments. Other students in the class are heard laughing at points during the song.

The district Superintendent William Harbron says the students were instructed to create a song about things that happened in the Reconstruction period after the Civil War. This is what they came up with. You can hear the song for yourself HERE if you’re into that sort of thing.

What we want to know is why the teacher allowed these f**kboys to stand up there and sing this song. Sure, there are approximately zero Black people in New Hampshire but for the love of God NOBODY was offended?! Harbon doesn’t really seem too concerned about it. Here’s what his bum a$$ had to say:

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