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So apparently there is a down side to self-driving vehicles. California police arrested Alexander Samek on Friday after going 70 MPH on the Silicon Valley Highway while asleep at the wheel, with his Tesla on auto-pilot.

Officer Art Montiel told The New York Post,

When California state highway cops pulled up next to Samek, they noticed he’d dozed off and tried toget his attention. But the 45-year-old was so zonked he continued speeding along for seven miles, they said. Cops maneuvered their patrol car in front of Samek’s Tesla, tailed by another cop car to keep other drivers away. Samek’s vehicle slowed and eventually stopped in a lane on the highway.

Samek was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol and transported to San Mateo County Jail where he was released the same night. Tesla company has declined to comment on the incident.




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