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Black Friday Shoppers

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White Lady Harasses Black Women At Target For Talking Eartha Kitt

Again, for the umpteenth time, Black folks just be minding their Black azz business and some wilted, WASPy, wildebeest decides to interject their melanin-deficient essence to into our lives.

The latest example of this new racist viral trend took place in a Target store located in Tennessee where according to INDY100, Lena Jones and her friends were harrassed by a white woman for…wait for it…talking about Earth Kitt’s legendary character in the Eddie Murphy film Boomerang.

Portrait Of Eartha Kitt

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Prior to being told they “don’t belong here” for “talking about sex in public”, Lena and company were shopping for hats and made reference to the fact that the didn’t want to be seen wearing a certain hat for fear that people might make the comparison to Eartha Kitt.

Lena documented the encounter on Facebook:

There are several layers to this video. First, the white woman wearing the NASA shirt is totally on-brand because clearly this lady is a space cadet. Secondly, of COURSE this white woman doesn’t know s#!t about Black pop culture references to Boomerang, ol’ Sleepless In Seattle facea$$, Thirdly, even if they WERE talking about sex in public, so what?! This Becky could probably use some sex in public to chill her TF out.


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