To Protect and Serve Whom??

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Posted by Bossip Staff

Helicopter cameras caught Philadelphia police red handed:

“A police chase ended violently last night when cops pulled over a car in Hunting Park on North Second Street near Lippincott, after a shooting had been reported nearby. Fox29, hovering in a helicopter overhead, caught the confrontation on tape; it shows police officers stomping, kicking and beating the men from the car.”

Here’s another case of police brutality, right on the heels of the Sean Bell verdict. These thugs in blue need to be locked the hell up.

Click here to witness this heinous act.


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  • gurllllaa



    wow..hope all is fyn

  • Mahogany

    This is a damn shame.


    Everyone knows, the police are just uniformed/organised thugs with guns and their city behind them. Unfortunately for alot of them it’s this mentality of them vs the people. And those who actually care are the minority, and little is heard of their good deeds in the community. IMO.

  • Lush-Us Lipps


  • http://YAHOO mzprettylady

    F**k the police! This is a shame!

  • BellaY

    I don’t have a whole lot of sympathy for folks who get beat up by police after a shooting or high-speed chase. I would probably want to kick their azzes too! They should know better.

  • Wow

    Umm this looks wrong on many level but they are shooting suspects!! They shot someone and then went on a high speed chase. They tried killing a person….prob not a cop..they are lucky they got their ass whooped instead of shot at… not a cop fan at all…but being from philly in the past year many cops got shot including one a couple of days ago to death without even drawin his gun just sittin in the car.

  • reddnwood

    So that makes it right even if they didn’t threaten the cops or pull weapons on them?! The last time I checked they are called SUSPECTS UNTIL CONVICTED YOU IDIOTS but that’s right, stuff like this doesn’t happen to all pf you law abiding citizens who are black…right? My bad I now apologize until the cops beat you black asses too!

  • reddnwood

    Okay because one cop got killed now everybody should be beat down? Listen to what you’re saying!!!


    This is terrible.. two wrong don’t make a right… people.

    We can’t justified one act for other…. this is so wrong…

    I don’t condon violence… by cops or gangstas..

    The fact is anytime that you are in high speed chases cops don’t like that! this ass whopping is about running from the cops not the person being shot…think about it…

    I could be wrong.. when have you seen cops stand up! and support the community.. for all they care it’s a job they are doing…

  • reddnwood


  • BellaY

    I don’t mean to imply police brutality doesn’t happen, I dated an officer for eigth years and I know they have RUINED innocent peoples lives. But if you are caught out there robbing, killing, shooting, banging and getting involved in high-speed chases, you are a DANGER TO SOCIETY. I don’t care what happens to people like that.

  • Reddnwood


  • Mav'rik

    Its retaliation for what happened to “their comrade” obviously. All they’ve done is add fuel to the fire “protect and serve” just simple means protect their buddies and serve their corrupt bosses. When has the last time a cop helped you honestly??? They arrive to the scene after the crime has been commited. Ask you a few questions and say we’ll give you a call.

  • Mav'rik

    Haven’t you all noticed that 99% of movies that involving cops are showing corruption in the precincts or vigilante justice by individual detectives. Hell the last movie that came out was STREET KINGS and that tells it all. Forest Whitaker and his goonies were some reeeeaall fowl dudes BUT ITS REALITY PEOPLE!!!Planting drugs, murder weapons, and selling drugs etc

  • BellaY

    Why don’t we put some of the blame on these fools out here committing crimes. No one would need the police if they weren’t committing crimes. I’m not condoning the police in wrong but they deal with this kind of stupid sh– all day, I for one couldn’t deal with these knuckleheads! It must be hard NOT to kick somebeody’s azz after you’ve been out there seeing and dealing with that stupid sh– for so long!

  • excessive force x1000


  • VoiceOfReason

    Woooooooooow! Them cops just starting beating azz right away….off the chain.

  • BellaY

    Ms Braided Beauty,

    I grew up in Chicago in Englewood. I have seen first hand how gangbangers hold innocent people captive in their homes because of their activity and DESTROY entire neighborhoods!!! And you’re proud of that?

  • BellaY

    This kind of stuff gets me upset because I lived in an area where we would have to sleep on the floor some nights because idiots would be outside shooting. I have known young men to be killed JUST BECAUSE they didn’t live in a certain area, or because they were wearing the wrong colors!!! I’ve seen GOOD PEOPLE have to live like prisoners in their onw homes because of these TERRORISTS.

    We as a people should be OUTRAGED. But yet, we would rather live like this than turn people in so that our children can live free! SAD!!!!!

  • bree

    2 wrongs will not equal a right

  • BellaY

    More black men kill each other each year that police officers. Why don’t we get upset about that?!

  • Ri

    That’s crazy. It says they were SUSPECTS. I can see both sides but what if they don’t get convicted for that. Its not like the police only beatup criminals nowadays. They be ready to take their frustration out on someone they SUSPECT did a crime. And to the full out extent! You see how they tried to cover each other and block the view of the helicoptors, if it wasnt for that they might have killed one of those men. Especially when theres 5 police on each person! There are so many unreported incidents or incorrectly reported incidents that you never can say what really went down. I’m glad they got caught and I hope they all get punished for that.

  • shirtz

    its messed up to see but we gotta understand that when your living that street life certin things are legal for ex: you sell drugs then don’t cry when omar comes around and robs that a@#..police are apart of that whole underworld relm so every once in a while if they tune you up you know its part of the game…this cats ain’t sean bell they just shot somebody and ran from the police they knew when they got caught they were getting a beating its how it goes


    i hope the cops beat they ass again

    stupid n!ggers ruinin a black neighborhood

    and i hope anyone screamin foul in this post get they stupid ass hit by a bus tomorrow son !!!!

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