Will They Steal The Election from Obama????

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Obama won the North Carolina primary tonight and it’s about that time for that shady Clinton to fall back and go sit her ass down. Although Clinton is expected to win Indiana tonight, North Carolina is a bigger state and has more delegates.

The shady Clinton mafia are not playing around, they are going to try to straight up gank the election or make sure Obama is damaged so much with “under-educated” white voters that he loses the presidential race. Black voters have been the most loyal segment to the Democratic Party (even blind support) but this is how we are repaid by the party establishment under the leadership of the Clintons.

It’s telling that the most loyal Clinton backers are under-educated and older white folks. SMH.


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  • $m♥K.E.Y.


  • LN

    I understand you’re trying to keep the news up to date, but you need to at least read over the articles you write before you post them! There are too many errors.

  • http://www.lovingmeans@aol.com 1TruDiva w/The PlatinumVocals!!!

    Damn! I meant to type “mean”

  • http://www.lovingmeans@aol.com 1TruDiva w/The PlatinumVocals!!!




  • $m♥K.E.Y.


    it must be lonely when u have no friends in the real world

    and then online is even worst

    thank you for thinking of my name when your not on my mind

    bless your sweet soul

  • http://www.lovingmeans@aol.com 1TruDiva w/The PlatinumVocals!!!

    I stopped by the hair products store before I voted this morning. They were selling Obama tee shirts for $6.99. I bought twenty of them and sold then for $10.00- $15.00. Them shyts went soo fast youda thought I was the local dealer with the blue top special!!!


  • http://www.lovingmeans@aol.com 1TruDiva w/The PlatinumVocals!!!

    Hey Smokey and Bree–

    I’m still trynta find the chick that was harrassing the ol’ lady on the bus! Why that shyt got me soooooooo heated?

  • not!

    Under-educated white people are SCARY.

    They are the ones, if this were the early 1900’s, then these would be the people that would be lynching people and burning crosses on the front lawns of black folks.

  • not!

    uneducated white people suck.

  • not!

    uneducated + white = racist.

  • Sydney (the real one)

    Yeah, Obama! Clinton is ahead in Indiana, but the race is too close to call (at least at the moment).

    From CNN: With 21 percent of Indiana precincts reporting, Sen. Hillary Clinton leads Obama 57-43 percent. There are 72 delegates at stake in Indiana.

  • http://www.lovingmeans@aol.com 1TruDiva w/The PlatinumVocals!!!

    I got a piece of chocolate cake that’s sooo good, Ima slap the bejezzus outta the ol’ lady that cooked it!

    You know you in for some good cookin’ when you see the cook’s about 65-70 yrs.old, standing back there with a jheri curl cap on her head and a greasy apron! And she hollerin’ @ errbody–even the owner!!


  • bree


    i think the creator of that tape is hoping it will be the next youtube ‘sensation’..i can’t imagine that being real ..how the people could sit there for so long and not restrain the kid is CRAZY!!..the old lady just kept her head down, she wasn’t bothering a soul!

  • http://www.lovingmeans@aol.com 1TruDiva w/The PlatinumVocals!!!


    What about North Carolina?

  • http://www.lovingmeans@aol.com 1TruDiva w/The PlatinumVocals!!!

    Damn, bree–

    I was just sitting here eating the cake—feeling all warm and fuzzy now you bought me back to reality!


  • http://www.lovingmeans@aol.com 1TruDiva w/The PlatinumVocals!!!

    Brb………… Going to CNN.

  • Sydney (the real one)


    Girl, Obama blew Hills out of the water in N.C.

    “Senator Barack Obama captured a decisive victory in the North Carolina primary on Tuesday, fending off a challenge from his opponent, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, who was leading in the night’s other contest in Indiana.

    The television networks and The Associated Press projected that Mr. Obama would win the North Carolina fight, based on exit polls. With 5 percent of the vote counted, Mr. Obama held a substantial lead over Mrs. Clinton.”

  • silversurfer


    I am from NC, and knew this would happen.

    I Voted Early (April 23rd) and there were Waiting Lines to Vote back then.


  • lovely and amazing

    Obama 2008-2016!

    Yes We Absolutely Can!

  • Sydney (the real one)

    Yeah, Tar Heels!

  • lanette

    i heard she won indiana……..but he won NC!!

  • Sydney (the real one)


    CBS News projects that New York Senator Hillary Clinton will win the Democratic primary in Indiana.

  • silversurfer

    Notice how the Media tried tricking folks into believe that Indiana was so important?

    Very little was said bout North Kakalackie, WITH ITS 115 DELAGATES, vs 71 for Indiana.

  • Sydney (the real one)

    This is interesting, from cbsnews.com:

    “In both states, more voters thought that Clinton attacked Obama unfairly than vice-versa. Sixty-three percent of Indiana voters and 67 percent of North Carolina voters thought Clinton attacked her opponent unfairly, while only 43 percent in Indiana and 40 percent in North Carolina thought that Obama unfairly attacked Clinton.”

  • Sydney (the real one)


    Exactly — N.C. was the state Hillary really wanted to win. She was going to use it in her argument for why she should be selected as the Democratic nominee. If Obama had lost in the Tarheel State, it would have been a huge defeat for him.

    Clinton has been expected to win Indiana for weeks — I’m waiting to see the margin of her win.

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