Antonia Carter Says She Gets along with Nivea and Lauren… No Drama for these Mamas

- By Bossip Staff

Antonia Carter recently talked about how she, Nivea and Lauren get along.

Toya  says despite how complicated the situation is between the three mothers of Lil Wayne’s children, all the women have a good relationship. She says she tries to keep the kids cool because they’re all in the same situation, so there is no time for any drama.

As far as Wayne’s oldest daughter Reginae goes, Antonia says she is well aware of her other siblings and Wayne talks to her openly about it.

For some reason, we don’t believe Lauren and Nivea feel the same way.

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  • I'm Just Me: Keeping It Real Since 1983

    What about the Asian Baby Momma? Is she not good enough for this click? Too much drama? Well it is best they are all civil for the sake of the children.

  • Marquis de Sade

    Oh yeah, the whole “BABY MAMA” phenom amongst the black community is just a figment of everyones’ imagination.

  • tasha lisa jamaican princess


  • JaYeS

    thats good that there isn’t any drama..i saw toya’s twitter recently & she had acouple of tweets back & forth w/ lauren london & it seems like they have a pretty cool relationship..

  • resurrected

    Well maturity will go a long way but to me it is not them who need to get a long, it is lil Wayne who need to get a good father… Don’t expect me to always pick up yout slack becauses I never see him with any of his children never even Toya daughter lately…

  • Antonia Carter Says She Gets along with Nivea and Lauren… No Drama for these Mamas - My 242

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  • Me

    They can’t have any drama because OBVIOUSLY they are all members of the “We are some dumb women” club.

  • http://perryone779@yahoo,com rose by any other name

    Good to see black women not fighting and cussing over these men.Black women get such a bad rap anyway from black men , black women , the whole white community and others so its time to judge an individual on his character not his color,, didnt JFK AND MIK teach you folks anything~! Dont judge me by sally sue next door~!!

  • http://perryone779@yahoo,com rose by any other name

    Come on now~! Dumb! if they were fighting then they would be come more baldhead cluck heads acting ghetto and shaming the whole black community! When white folks do their crap.. do they shame the whole white community?

  • Ak

    Dumb hoes!!!

  • JB(Vote for me Miss NSU 2010-2011, Lady A is my campaign manager)

    She and Lauren are always on twitter talking to each other.

    But where is the other baby mama in all of this?

  • deeperthanmost

    if women could get along like this all throughout the hood black men could build empires.
    it’s like the minute a dude gets more than one women pregnant he’s all of a sudden an irresponsible dog..even if he can provide 10x the opportunities for his children than the groveling pathetic man at home struggling to please his mate..maybe all those women are cool because they all know they’re in the ” we don’t have to work for the rest of our lives club”..
    doesn’t sound to stupid to me..

  • deeperthanmost


  • http://deleted Hmmm...

    Nivea does not look good pregnant.
    && why is everyone content being baby mommas.
    I will never understand.
    At least he married Toya.
    Idk I guess everyones different.

  • deeperthanmost

    having a child with someone is a lifetime commitment in that no matter what,you an that person with have a direct or indirect connection to each other via the child for the remainder of your lives..
    marriage doesn’t mean anything.married one year,divorced the next…
    i think we need to change our perspective cause having a kid with someone is infinitely more important and significant then walkin through a church with a white dress or signing papers at city hall..

  • resurrected

    Why isn’t he responsible as the father droping seeds everywhere to keep his own children close as brother and sister and men should not count on woman to be the healing factor all of the time because you made this mess along and you picked the mothers… It sounds more like to me that lil Wayne is the one who needs to be on his game…

  • Bianca

    I read in Sister 2 Sister magazine that she and Nivea were cool, but those two were questioning the paternity of Lauren London’s baby with lil Wayne and she wasn’t feeling that whole situation with Lauren. Oh well, people are entitled to change their mind

  • lollipoplollipop-oh-lolli-lollipop

    c toyas mature,idk about the restof em.wayne had it good.just bc she didnt want to be the lonely housewife he dumps her.well look at him now,good job toya!!u dnt need his stress n bs.

  • http://bossip tiababy09

    ikd about Nivea take on everything,haven’t really heard her speak on the subject,but as far as Lauren london goes,i think she may be pretty cool with the situation. Toya’s daughter reginae reached out to Lauren on twiiter and asked how did her little brother look,and Lauren replied “he’s beautiful,just like you:)”…so lauren MAY BE cool on the situation as well.

  • DetroitDiva

    Go on Twitter…Lauren London and Toya tweet each other all the time…talking about the baby and such

  • Kanaan

    Some of you say/write some truely dumb comments. Are you serious??? Or are you just that stupid?

    Ask yourself, why am I so obessed with these people’s lives? What is really going on in my life?

  • Anon3

    this is a travesty….it’s not simply the fact that he can afford to have all these kids..we all know that he can….my problem is with the fact that he will not be able to spend quality time with them….and he now has sons who need a positive male role model in their lives and unfortunately he is not that person

  • THE SoSelphish1

    Well… whatever floats their boat

    They may as well get along for the sake of the children, bcz going bk and forth over who did this or what better than the next or has the cuter baby…blah blah blah.. doesnt really mean or change a damn thing….

  • nelly

    Antonia shouldn’t have a problem with Lauren or Nivea.. shes not with him and whatever hes doing with other women is none of her business.. she couldn’t talk to much about Lauren or Nivea being that she had her daughter by Wayne when she was only 14 yrs old – (8th grade!!!!) i wasn’t even sexually active at that age more or less walking around with pregnant with a baby.. my mom and dad didn’t play that mess.. just because he was married to her for half a split second doesn’t mean a thing.. she has never worked a day in her life and all that she has is because hes giving it to her.. she doesnt really have a 9 to 5 job the show Tiny & Toya on BET is her first real job.. she has been living off of what Wayne gives her and there daughters child support.. why would she say anything bad about Wayne when he can make things real hard for her she would not say what she wants to really say even if she wanted to he’ll cut her off if she even thinks about running her mouth the wrong way..who cares if she did have a problem with this situation she couldnt do anything about it anyway..all 4 kids are his and they all need a father.. it would have been childish of her to keep there daughter from knowing her little brothers so its good shes keeping the peace.. she would have no reason to start some mess shes not his lady, shes his daughters mother period..Nivea is ignorant and ghetto as hell and for all the people saying shes ugly pregnant ain’t never lied!! she looks horrible pregnant.. Lauren looked absolutely beautiful preggers.. too bad Lauren fell in love with Wayne 8 yrs ago and lost her virginity to him.. Wayne has Laurens name tattoo’d on his forearm so hes special to Lauren and Nivea is in love with him too lol.. he has something these women want aside from his money..i hope he doesnt get any else pregnant this yr or next .. he’ll have to rap forever just to pay child support..

  • ...*MOcarsMOclothesMOjewelsMOdoe*...

    haha wayne got them in check……… yall position.

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