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He Also Said A Plethora Of Other Inappropriate Stuff

One British doctor is catching heat for his inappropriate talk during very personal procedures.

According to Metro, 59-year-old Dr. Serban Gheorghiu told his patients to “assume the George Michael position” before they get on all fours for a colonoscopy exam.

Gheorghiu didn’t stop there either. According to hospital staff, he also made crude jokes about “never taking women from behind” and he told one male nurse that he would take him to Thailand where they could “crack the pelvises” of women because they’re “very small and fragile” there.

One woman said she was left in tears by Gheorghiu’s foul comments. According to reports from the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service, Gheorghiu allegedly asked a female ward sister if she had “rough sex” and he also referred to fellow doctors as “fu**ing bastards.”

Gheorghiu’s crude way of speaking allegedly occurred between October 2015 and August 2017. He’s rejected all claims and said there was a “vendetta” against him.

However, staff and other professionals continued to spill the tea on Gheorghiu’s alleged language. Peter Atherton, a lawyer for the General Medical Counsel, said a deputy sister witnessed Gheorghiu holding a nurse and she “felt him pressing against her.”

Atherton said the nurse “felt shocked and vulnerable and quickly moved away from him.”

Atherton added that Gheorghiu was known to “speak to many nurses about their sex life.”

“One nurse he asked, ‘did you get it deep and painful last night,’” said Atherton.

“It was said to be typical of his behavior and people just used to laugh it off,” Atherton said. A patient who had a procedure in May 2016 said she heard Dr. Gheorghiu even telling another nurse that he was falling in love with her.

A male nurse referenced the inappropriate George Michael comments. He said Gheorghiu brought up the deceased singer, who is gay, whenever he was examining patients bowels.

One nurse said Gheorghiu began to change his behavior in 2017 after the staff started complaining about him. “I found he was quite difficult to work with, I wasn’t part of that group,” the unnamed nurse said. “The allegations are 100% true and absolutely the things he said. I can almost hear him saying them. I’ve known him for seven years, I know what he’s like. I have heard him make the comment about George Michael at least 15-20 times, it was quite a common password.”

Officials are continuing to investigate the claims made against Gheorghiu.



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