They Will Not Lose

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At this very moment, Al Sharpton is on a crusade to overturn the Bell conviction. Click HERE to read more about the events currently going on in NYC today to protest the that ridiculous ruling. These mf’s have to learn that as long as there’s no justice there will be no peace.

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  • Rozza

    They were not convicted in the Sean Bell case. He is not overturning the conviction – he is pressing for Federal indictment of the police officers for violating Bell’s civill rights.

    They were ACQUITTED of all charges, and did not even experience a slap on the wrist. Seeing as how two of the cops were minorities, they must be experiencing some serious isolation and hate in their communities if they are still trying to reside there.

    Protests and boycotts are merely grandstand events if those who reside there do not participate and support it. I live in Virginia, and my heart breaks for NYC because this type of activity is necessary in the 21st century.

    There was nothing honest about what went down and how NYPD handled everything.

  • JorgeOoOoOo

    Al sharpton is a joke…sorry its true. I think what happen to the bell family is sad but please stop calling al sharpton for every thing.


    Sharpton aint gon do nothin

  • Afiya

    OK Sharpton…let see how much pull you REALLY have…straighten this mess out!

  • Kompton's Kutie

    “These mf’s have to learn that as long as there’s no justice there will be no peace.”


  • JorgeOoOoOo

    Mr Pimp Daddy, if you believe in Al Sharpton you are just as stupid and ignorant as white people thinking hes the president of black people. Call a lawyer if you have problems. Call some one who people actually respect.

  • Rozza

    @Afiya: I agree. I appreciate any type of movement for a good cause, but Sharpton, as well as a lot of the older Black community “leaders” have a histroy of being selective as to what causes they will rally for.

    Sharpton, Jackson, and other groups (NAACP,SCLC) have all but ignored what happened to the situation where the Haitian immigrant and her son were beaten, robbed, and molested by a group of young Black men, and then they tried to kill them by setting them on fire in a bathtub by pouring caustic chemicals on them and lighting it. Did not see a display of righteous indignation there. Perhaps because it was totally Black on Black?

    I hope he produces results, or at least lights a fire under some of the more complacent community members.

  • Terminator Hex

    Thanks for chiming in, glok9n. On behalf of rational, educated black folks everywhere, we appreciate your support in disproving the myth that all black men are ignorant, violent savages.

  • that one girl

    Al Sharpton is the wrong person 2 start protesting nobody takes him seriously.

  • Rozza

    @shayshay:No, not Khia! LOL!

  • Common Sense

    There’s no $$$ to be made in the Black on black crime racket, so Al and his crew need this.

    Sadly, the mere addition of Sharpton all but deep-sixes the chances of anything getting accomplished.

    Black people need to realize that we will accomplish a lot more once we stop associating ourselves with clowns like Al. White people (the ones in power and that need convinced) automatically disregard things connected to Al because he’s a fraud.

  • Rozza

    @shayshay: maybe something catchy to mirror the success of the whole “My Neck, My Back” franchise. But rhyming with J-U-S-T-I-C-E-!!!

  • Common Sense


    I think you mean “corporate.” There’s no such word as corperate.

  • Rozza

    @Common: He was on the radio yesterday (the Michael Baisden Show) and was asked about the media’s role in distorting views and creating false impressions (something along those lines). Al said something to the effect, “…I know about distortion. They have distorted my image.” Probably referring to the time when he was caught on videotape in a pimp hat making some sort of illicit deal. Oh yeah, the tape had audio. Al tried to pull a Jedi mind trick on the situation and say that he was trying to smoke the criminals out. SMH

    Al, along with other leaders from the 60’s and 70’s suffer from having soiled reputations and engaging openly in sordid, under-the-radar behavior. Had Jesse Jackson not fathered a child with another woman outside his marriage, he would still be faking the funk under cover, instead of perpetrating openly.

    These people have pulled a major ruse over on older Black Americans, and they are still trying to make themselves relevant because the newer generation hasn’t quite taken over.

    We have intelligent, articulate, educated young Black men and women who could surely make a difference, and I, for one, am willing to listen.

  • glok9n


  • Wanjiru

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  • Wanjiru

    …with all the negativity Al Sharpton receives, e.g. being a self-appointed leader etc…he sure does stand up and take action about issues he strongly believes in…unlike many whose only calling in life is to sit on the side-lines and criticize everybody else…


  • glok9n


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  • Wanjiru

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  • Lush-Us Lipps

    Thank God for the Rev. Al Sharpton

  • Wanjiru


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    …they were not…

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