Bye Master P! Azriel Clary’s Father Denies That He ‘Failed’ To Protect His Daughter From R. Kelly [Audio]

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Father Of Alleged R. Kelly Victim Responds To Criticism

The father of one of the alleged victims of R. Kelly is speaking out. Angelo Clary whose been catching hell on social media after appearing in #SurvivingRKelly with his wife, called into the QuickSilva show this week to defend himself against allegations that he failed to protect his daughter.

If you watched the Lifetime documentary Angelo’s daughter Azriel Clary met R. Kelly in 2015 at his concert that Angelo and his wife attended with her. Following that she had a “meeting” with R. Kelly in a hotel room that her parent’s dragged her out of before she eventually disappeared with the singer. Angelo and his wife were then seen throwing rocks at the windows of R. Kelly’s studio in an attempt to save her.


That prompted criticism from the likes of Master P who said there’s NO WAY he’d stand idly by while his daughter remained with R. Kelly and he slammed the parents for not “going to war” with the singer. He hinted that he’d be in jail for harming the singer if he were in the situation.

“If somebody daddy and you knocking on the door—they got your daughter in there, y’all already know,” said Master P said. “I ain’t gonna be on no reality show, Lifetime, I’m gonna be on CNN. Straight up.”

“You shouldn’t be on there unless you on CNN from a jail cell. […]”Those parents shouldn’t have let it go that far—-if you got love for your kids, you going to war behind your kids.”


According to Angelo however, there’s more to the story than what was seen on the doc. The dad told QuickSilva that his daughter was suicidal just before attending the R. Kelly concert so he and his wife took her to the show because a doctor encouraged them to. The doctor told the parents that Azriel exploring her musical career is beneficial to her mental health so the parents believed the show would be fine. He also added that earlier that week Azriel took pills to harm herself so they didn’t want her to be alone.

Things got especially interesting however when Angelo addressed Master P. According to Angelo he’s been in jail before and he doesn’t plan on going back. Not only that, Master P wouldn’t bail him out if he were arrested for killing R. Kelly.

Ya’ll love [R. Kelly], everybody love him, that’s why won’t nobody speak up on it. That’s why Master P will say something about the parents, but I didn’t see Master P acknowledge that R. Kelly is a predator. That hurts my heart ’cause that should have been the first thing out his mouth.”

Master P ain’t gon’ write my family no check when I’m sitting there doing 30 years for killing R. Kelly. So bruh, if you gon’ speak on something, speak on the predator, not someone who gotta pay bills and support his family.”

Listen to Angelo Clary defend himself from detractors on QuikSilva’s show below.

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