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Diddy likes to party like a blue blood:

“It seems P Diddy is going all Posh on us. The ‘Bad Boy’ megastar laid on CROQUET at his party to celebrate his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The Beckhams were top of the guest-list for the lavish do, which was held at the 100-acre mansion of the 37-year-old rapper’s pal, entrepreneur Ron Burkle.

An insider at the $2million Hollywood Hills bash said: ‘It was fabulous. Paris and Nicky Hilton were playing croquet on the massive lawn with the likes of musician Randy Jackson and Ben Stiller. You’d never imagine such a posh game at a hip-hop star’s party. It was hilarious.’ Celeb guests were ferried to the affair in Cadillacs provided by their host.

And it looks like Mr Combs’ love life is looking up too, as insiders say he is back with ex-fiancee Kim Porter. The pair split after rumors of Diddy playing away. But a source at the unveiling ceremony on Friday said: ‘It seemed as if all was forgiven. Kim was getting all tearful and said, ‘that’s my man’ during his speech.'”

Of course Kim is by his side. It’s common knowledge that gold-diggers are the most forgiving bunch of b*%ches in the whole wide world. Show us a gold-digger, and we’ll show you a heffah that will put up with damn near anything.


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  • fhseiouhjk

    He is said to be found by his fans on a celeb dating site named ” M a r r y M i l l i o n a i r e . C o m ” They said most of his fans like to go that site to chat about this stars.

  • ashes

    2nd… yeah that dating thing takes the piss!!! lol

    how does it get there so bloody quick LMAO

  • Righteous Indignation

    That’s alot of bastard children. Kim is nothing more than a golddigging sperm depository.

  • intuitivepisces

    Wow, the family looks good. Al B Sure’s son looks exactly like his father. Putting up with Diddy must be a full-time job for Kim P.

  • honeylicious

    That is so f*cked up. She needs help. I feel sorry for her little girls, they look up to sh*t like that.

  • honeylicious

    where is his daughter from the Alanta woman?

  • Afiya

    What a beautiful family…but Kim is real stupid if she’s back with him and he hasn’t committed properly to the relationship…

  • cat4everrr

    i’m not feeling all the name calling about kim in the post.

    if two grown people make the decision to work on their family then i’m going to support them 155 percent. mostly, i’m sooo happy for the kids because it does make a difference just ask any black man who was raised without a father.

    so if they decide to make their family work i am rooting for them all the way and they have my prayers

    Good Luck! even the best of couples good use a little of it

  • num1dominicano

    that one kid looks just like Al B Sure, one looks just like Misa, and the other got the raw end of the deal and looks like Puff…

  • Moreaces

    I guess money is more important to some people, than self-respect.

  • cat4everrr

    damn, we could use a little more black love in our community.

    there’s nothing more beautiful than black love

  • StilettosnSmiles

    That lil boy looks just like Al B Sure….Al B sure has some strong genes!! LOL!!

    P.S. LMAO@Honeylicious!! Thats just worng!!

  • cat4everrr

    He has such a beautiful family. I’m praying that he doesn’t blow it this time. Family isn’t one of those things you can buy. He is blessed

  • Brooklyn, Stand UP!

    Nice looking kids.

  • cat4everrr

    last comment-

    let’s keep in mind that the hardest thing for any of us to do is change. i see him making strides towards doing the right thing. it is hard for men to turn over a new leaf for the better, especially black men. i commend him for trying.

  • that one girl

    He has a beautiful family. I hope they work things out 4 the kids sake.

  • 6 Figgaz

    “You’d never imagine such a posh game at a hip-hop star’s party. It was hilarious.”

    What the f*ck? Croquet ain’t posh. It’s a backyard game you buy at Wal*Mart.


  • Octavia

    The only one that looks like Diddy is the youngest boy (on the L).

    And WHERE are they getting all that curly hair??? Diddy’s S-Curl/Duke is not passing through his semen.

  • cns

    All of those out of wedlock children are beautiful.

  • Kdogg

    I see belts were optional.

  • SoFreakinGangsta

    look at Biv profilin in the back!


    How many kids does Diddy have now



  • Octavia

    Kim: “That’s my man”.


    Now, I’m all about supporting black love… when it really is LOVE. This is just a chick who is fooling herself with a man who will f*ck any non-black woman who stands still long enough… but returns to ol’ faithful when his prey is too quick for him.

  • Miss Lady Jordan

    YEAH WHATEVER!! Think about it…if you got mad kids with diddy..he is on and off with you..I would always be willing to be there for him as well…yall are some unrealistic b*tches that are hating on Kim for NO REASON calling her a gold I guess having several kids with that man and always there never hear anything bad stemming from her end..GOOD FOR DIDDY AND KIM AND THE WHOLE FAM!

  • creolediva

    yours, mines & ours…where is the baby from ATL??? I thought that he stepped up? WTF? SMH…..

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