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Black Woman Harrassed At Airport For Having A Conversation

For the life of us we’ll never understand why some people can’t just leave Black folks the f**k alone when we’re in public minding our Black a$$ business. But alas, add THIS to the list of things that Black folks can’t do without interference.

According to Yahoo! Na’Kesha Danyel Smith was accosted by a nosy non-Black female passenger at Lambert International Airport as she was having a conversation with another man about the military when…

“This woman just walked up to us and said, ‘Sit down,’” Danyel Smith tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “I was like, ‘Who is she talking to? I am 45 years old. No one has told me to sit down in decades.’”

That’s when Na’Kesha pulled out her phone to document the incident. Peep what happened next in the video below.

“I don’t know whether this woman had a mental illness or it was racial profiling because we were the only black people in line,” Danyel Smith tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “But her white privilege made her think she could ask me to move, for whatever reason.”

Eventually, according to STLToday, the woman was not only escorted from the gate, but kicked out of the airport completely.

Pro tip: leave us alone.


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