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3-Year-Old Rhett Flener’s Birthday Video Goes Viral

An absolutely adorable video of a 3-year-old enjoying his birthday has gone viral. Lee Ann Flener recently shared a video of her son Rhett Flener grinning with joy as he’s given a purple birthday cake and candle.

The video’s since been shared 70 million times and was aired on “Good Morning America.” According to Ms. Flener she knew the video was cute but she didn’t expect the clip of her Sesame Street loving child who also has down syndrome to touch so many.

“Obviously you think your own child is the cutest and maybe some family members will think what they do is cute as well,” Flener said. “I think people love this video so much because when watching his joy and pure happiness you can’t help but feel those same emotions. Many people have sent messages to us telling us how happy it made them.”

“We all need to focus on the little things that bring that joy and happiness, such as something simple like a happy birthday song,” she added. “We also want to show the world that regardless if you have a typical child or a child with Down syndrome, the every day things you do with them are so special and rewarding.”

Happy birthday Rhett!



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