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President Trump Marks 100 Days In Office With Rally In Pennsylvania

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Covington Catholic High School Students Defend Racist Blackface

Throw the entire Covington Catholic High School in the trash and set it on fire.

It should come as no surprise that Nick Sandmann and his a-hole cronies who jeered and mocked Native American elder Nathan Phillips are getting the royal treatment from not only right-wing cable news, but also from 1600 FUBAR Ave. in Washington, D.C.

It appears that the school and the kids’ parents are putting their sons out on the trail to do some incredibly insulting PR work in conservative spaces like Trump’s favorite morning show, Fox & Friends. According to The Daily Beast, senior Sam Schroder asked about wearing Blackface, peep his reply:

“Five years ago, there was a pep rally where one of the members of the school body appeared to have blackface on. People have even asked you to explain that. How do you explain that?”

Schroder, wearing a white button-down shirt and a blue striped tie, said: “I just explain it as showing school spirit. We have many themes. Like nerd, business, whiteout, blueout, blackout—as you’ve seen in the video. Ever since I’ve gone to CovCath, we haven’t been able to wear black paint because of the video, but I know the kids meant nothing by it, it’s just showing school spirit.”

Blackface is as much about school spirit as KKK hoods are for keeping warm during negro-dragging horseback rides on a bitter cold night. FOH, cr-…soup cookie.

We highly suggest you read a very insightful Newsone piece about how these kids are being treated versus how Black kids who are considered “threats” are treated.



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