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Permed Up Al and Nicole Bell were among the 216 people that were arrested yesterday at a protest against the NYC police officers that were found not guilty in the Sean Bell murder case.

Click HERE for more details on this ridiculousness.

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  • Doc

    no justice no peace ………first

  • BrwnBeauty

    Wow… heart truly goes out to her and her family…I wish them the best of luck because crimes like that are just becoming all to common.

  • HiPhOpFaN

    @ Doc

    Your comment says it best, “No Justice No Peace!” A Damn Shame

  • samech

    I didn’t even now they was a march. 216 people damn….charged for what? Didn’t they have a permit?

  • Kompton's Kutie

    Well, I’m glad people came out and showed their support.

    Now, I wonder how this Philly case is going to go?!

  • ATLBlogger

    That’s right, don’t back down. Keep the movement going til JUSTICE is SERVE.

  • Kompton's Kutie

    Wait…they made sure they got the 2 other shooting survivors…WOW!

  • Ms. Felicia Sabree

    Wow! May the lord shine a blessing on everyone who was there and stood up against the NYPD. It was very courageous. The black and Latino’s need to come together and change the community. Like David banner said ” If you bang, bang on da police not your own ppl” Crips, bloods, vice lords who ever lets change the community and ppl please get “Tested” HIV has no color no name you’ll be surprised how many in our own communities walk with it and don’t know.

  • Lisa

    JESSIE, What does “black centric” mean? I am puzzled. Thanks!

  • Kompton's Kutie


    Tt won’t solve it, true. But it will let them know we won’t stand for it and as a people, how do we look backing down to anyone or anything that was an injustice such as this?

  • Lady Architect

    I’m glad they are fighting for Sean Bell. Understand that when black people come out in numbers we are very powerful, which is why they always try to keep us scared with the system. It was non-violent and they had a permit so they will have to release them. They arrested them because they were getting mad that they made a statement. Props go out to his wife for still fighting for the man she loved. That a true woman right there

  • Kompton's Kutie


  • Star

    It’s funny how people are so quick to tell Rev. Sharpton to sit down, but let a high profile case happen to someone black the first name you calling is Rev. Al. Despite some issues that I have with Rev. he is for the people, he will march, preach, and speak out about injustice. Why should he sit down? The verdict in this case was sick! If that was you’re son that was murdered wouldn’t you STAND UP for the cause! Wouldn’t you want people to FIGHT for your child? your husband? YOUR PEOPLE!!!!! Haters…Hide behind a screen name, sit in your chair and complain all day. What are you doing?

  • bree

    they(media) tried to scare people talking about if you have an outstanding warrant/speeding tickets you will be people with warrants usually keep their distance from the cops anyways..

    i’m glad Nicole is still fighting..i can see the hurt in her face in every picture & it breaks my heart.. 😦

  • Karen

    “Crips, bloods, vice lords who ever lets change the community”


    Hey, Satan? You want to pay my rent? Yo, Hitler! How about kicking in on my light bill?

  • pm

    you have to have a permit to protest in the NYC.

  • Chezney

    @ samech

    They were arested for civil disobedience.

  • pm

    I kinda like Al I have seen him go toe to toe with Bill O’Racist and handle his own.

  • TREE

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  • Frog-a-licious


  • I'm Just Me

    They couldn’t give Ole Boy his shoe back first? Daxn. Well I cannot front I see Sharpton made good on his word, so I take back SOME of my ill tempered comments toward him. I am glad my hometown got out there and ripped it. Let them know what we won’t tolerate anymore! Thank you Jesus! And yes get Kelly out of there! He has needed to go for quite some time now!

  • Lush_Us Lipps

    Big ups to Rev. Al Sharpton who’s not affraid to take a stand on this issue. Where are the other black leaders in the situation. Good to see Ms. Bell continuing to fight on!


  • WordzOfaProphet

    Im very pissed 2 read this. How dare u arrest them ppl. 4 what?? They arrested them bcuz of the reason of the march. The police f*cked up bad and they want all dis bad press off them. Of course they are goin 2 stick 2gether. The police are thick as true thieves, and I agree sumbody shud change da community and just because u wearing a uniform with a gun don’t excuse u 4rm murder. Ur not above the law just because u are the law. U should have the same standards as civilians, and there is no way these police officers discretion led to this. They just got trigger happy and thought they were LAPD

  • Lu-Lou

    @Lady Architect and Star…

    My sentiments exactly!!!

  • zayah

    Wow.Classic photo with Al Sharpton and Nicole Bell.

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