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Aww, look at Chris Tucker looking all mature and ish. That grown man swag is very becoming of him, he even has a little salt and pepper goatee action going on. For some reason, everytime we see him, we can’t help but think of Smokey from Friday…that’s classic Chris Tucker right there.

In other “Friday” news Chris’s replacement, Mike Epps, got gully on some dude. Read more about it coming up next…

The guy who served comedian Mike Epps paternity court papers told the Louisville Police Department he attempted to serve Epps while the comedian was backstage at Kentucky’s Louisville Gardens. As the server was handing the papers over, he claims he was attacked by Epps and a few other guys. According to the police report, he suffered an abrasion to the right side of his head and his left eye was swollen shut. Mike Epps is the prime suspect. Epps’ reps couldn’t be reached for comment.

Come on now Mike, you know better than that.

Via TMZ, Images via WENN

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  • Star

    Chris needs to diversify his portfolio. Come on Chris star in a new movie!!!!

  • Chocolate

    1st and He is still Fine … Gaining weight and all … Make a Friday comeback

  • bree

    For some reason, everytime we see him, we can’t help but think of Smokey from Friday…that’s classic Chris Tucker right there.

    & you know this MAAAN! 😛

  • guilty pleasure

    Smokey & Craig: Hey Ms. Parker

    Ms. Parker: Hi, boys…….

    Smokey & Craig: We wanna f**** you, Ms. Parker!!!


  • TREE

    He looks handsome. He is a great player. Is he single now? His blog and photos were found at dating site “W e a l t h y l o v I n g . co m” last week. I am wondering what kind of relationship he is seeking on that site.

  • I'm Just Me

    Chris does look VERY nic in that grown man swag. Good look for real!! OMG! He looks so good. Now on the other hand Mike Epps played himself hardbody with that if it is true. He must know something and don’t want to truth to come out. SMDH

  • Chezney

    Chris has come a mighty long way because he was sho’ nuff ugly back in the Friday and Money Talks days. Whomever said money makes you look better never lied.

  • Bird

    I always keep my fingers crossed that Chris will do one more Friday even though they are grown as hell. I wonder if Cube ever brings that up to him.

  • $m♥K.E.Y.

    still a fan of this man!

  • bree

    unfortunately, Chris said he would not do another Friday movie because he grew up, he is right with the Lord and he does not want to promote weed smoking..

  • ms meca

    did they find out if tht baby was his

  • Honey Dew

    He can get it!

  • mrslaadee

    Friday was a classic movie! Much better than any Rush Hour movie that Chris Tucker did.

  • Lee

    This mature look is GREAT for him. He could definitely get it, swirl it around, tie it in a knot and whatever else he wanted to do with it…lol

  • Southern Belle 225

    Chris Tucker is aging very nicely. He looks good. HE will always be SMOKEY to me! Love him.

    LMBAO at De-De whooping up on the server! I can see it now!

  • Jahpson

    he looks like he is still enjoying that “Rush Hour” money

  • Chaka

    I met Chris several times and he is GORGEOUS in person.

  • filly

    Damn, he looks better than ever, and I love this man for all the humanitarian work he’s done in Africa.

  • DH

    My boy looks great 🙂

    @ Chaka: I’m jealous. I need to hang out where you hang out 😉

  • da darkness

    who can do it better

  • MDM.Org.

    Mike E, just take the paternity test and grow up. If you know you did it just Man Up, don’t jump the messenger.

    Chris Tucker is so handsome. Loving the extra weight he gained.

  • Kim


  • Paint it Red

    Damn I must be getting old. Chris and I went to Columbia High together – I got into too much trouble laughing at him in class.

  • Lady Love

    I like to see grown men, dress like grown men. If you are 25 and up and still wearing Jerseys, Timablands and saggy jeans then YOU ARE AN IDIOT!

  • kai

    He has not aged very well..wen the first friday come out? not like 12 years ago..hes aged 20…

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