Camelback Mountain

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Posted by Bossip Staff

We wanted to give you guys a break today on the Beyonce and Jay-Z rigmarole, but we just couldn’t help this one:

Beyonce and Jay-Z headed to Arizona for a low-key desert honeymoon. A week after saying an under-the-radar “I do” on April 4 in New York City, Beyonce, 26, and Jay-Z, 38, both flew to the Sanctuary Camelback Mountain Resort. “Beyonce looked stunning, even though she was wearing no makeup. They looked so in love and so happy.”

So Camel was allegedly honeymooning at “Camelback Mountain.” They can’t be serious…that sounds like some pure comedy.


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  • Lush_Us Lipps


  • toot


  • bree

    LMFAO @ Camelback Mountain joke..

    where are the pictures?!!?

  • Kompton's Kutie

    Arizona is very nice and mostly quiet. I love Sedona.

  • Frog-a-licious

    Sometimes you can’t make these things up. lol

  • Bird

    Now see they are constantly doing things for media attention, but they want to hold out on the wedding pics. It’s downright mean-spirited I tell ya.

  • statim08

    What happened to that big announcement that was supposed to come out? A big nothing, as usual. NEXT.

  • honeylicious

    where is the proof? anyone can make that up..


    i aint mad at them… they have been all over St Barth’s and the world.. guess they wanna pump some money into THIS economy

  • gimme a break


    * YAWN,



  • Vinandi

    LMAO- Cammelback Mountain!

    I am so bored with these two punks- show us the damn wedding pics wannabe Creole!

  • Southern Belle 225

    okay, unless you have some pics or some real news about these two, WE DON’T CARE!!! NEXT

  • B

    Nuff said…its a PR Campaign to keep her name out there and conveniently reinforce the keywords…she looked beautiful (without makeup)….this is sooo contrived(Beyonce Stans consult a dictionary here)with yall dumb azzes…I am sure if someone did a poll…please allow me to…we would find a direct correlation..well actually and inverse relationship between level of education and exposure (ie traveling) and level of Beyonce fawning/worship (Beyonce stans you probably don’t know what an inverse relationship is!) Let’s have a roll call on background and I am certain I am right….as educated and exposed people realize what is going on and what J and B have agreed to be the poster child for and what its ultimate impact WILL be in the black community…they are weapons of masss destruction..and happy to be that as long as they get paid.

  • celebpsychic

    No babies for Beyonce and Jay-z for a long time.

    Check out my other predictions at :

  • The Hostile One

    ROTFLMAO……I can’t take it, I just can’t….lol

  • WordzOfaProphet

    Dyin of laughter @ da Camelback joke but who cares about their honeymoon cuz dats usually wat folks do when they get married, secret or otherwise

  • it's me

    i looked it up!! it’s dope AND it’s $3000 a nite…wow.

  • anonymous

    I don’t usually feel yall on the camel jokes but even I have to admit that is funny. lol

  • cat eyes

    camelback mountain?how appropriate!lol

  • Encyclopedia Brown

    Camelback mountain!?


  • Lisa

    @gimme a break…..i think you are cause she hates on them ALOT!

  • Somer


    When B-Day CD came out, she was suppose to be turning 26 that day. All the b’day cakes on GMA, TRL, and 106 & Park said 26. I believe it was really 27 back then. I am certain of one damn thing, SHE AIN’T 26!

  • snitchette

    its tru. i was there

  • B

    @ beautiful b…what is your highest level of education…are you enrolled in unversity?

    if a graduate did you graduate at the top or near the top of your class?

    do you have a passport?

    Have you ever been out of the country besides Canada?

    Are your parents educated?

    do you value education?

    do you read at least on book per month?

    do you love the black community, its history of struggle and progress and are concerned that we continue in the vein of our ancestors, MLK, Banneker, Booker T Washington…or do you think are representatives should be an ex crack dealer and a high school drop out who personifies a european….Question…where will following the J and B model lead…the Thug Ho model that white america wants for us rather than the human intelligent model that our ancestors left us with.

    I know its a blog but life is real, the eradication of the black community, as then, is STILL real…we must value things that will promote our survival…how does bootyy shake, weave, and materialism do that. more serious talk until next week..I am going to post but I will just have fun and lay off my public service mission…but think..if you still can.

    If you answered no to any of these questions….in reference to your comment…typical and it figures.

  • B

    And then when they do go to the hood…they pass our gangster rap cds…..the man couldn’t do it any better! But the man has always used our own against us (slave trade)…and has always found ones GREEDY enough to do anything for that DOLLA DOLLA BILL YALL

    Bey and Jay: “now yall mofos stay the f out of our business and buy our shiz and be manipulated with the news stories we choose to leak just to show you how we BALL with the man).

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