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Here is what that shady Clinton recently said about working class white folks not feelin’ Obama:

Clinton cited an Associated Press article ‘that found how Sen. Obama’s support among working, hard-working Americans, white Americans, is weakening again, and how whites in both states who had not completed college were supporting me.’”

Barack Obama is on the cover of Esquire Magazine, due to hit stands on May 13th.

The future is looking bright for Obama. A recent CNN poll said that it’s time for Hillary to hang it the hell up already. She’s so desperate, she just loaned herself another 6.4 million – bringing the total amount to 11.4 million duckets she’s lent to herself for this hopeless campaign. LMAO – All that low-down treachery has resulted in nothing but burning a hole in those pockets. A word of advice to HillBilly: Quit while you’re behind.

It’s all about Obama – YES WE CAN!!


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  • http://deleted Fiyah!!


  • http://iolastar.com/blog Star

    When I see him I think of HOPE, I think of CHANGE. I wish him all the luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • fseyry

    He posted a profile on a celeb dating site ” mar rymi lli onai re.com ” . many of his fans were seeking for him and wanna date with him. now that club is very hot because of him.

  • Lush-Us Lipps

    Big Ups to Sen. nope President OBAMA!!!!!

  • kittylicious aka melanie

    Obama has given me hope for a change, a real change in the way this goverment is ran. How was it ever tolerated that we have a president whole stole the election, brought us into war, and this whole time he is making a major profit from our soliders blood. Shame on him, I’m ready for OBAMA!!

  • Tracey

    No offence but the way Obama and Clinton are battling it out and attacking each other, proves they are out for their ownsleves…not America or world politics THEIR EGOS!

    Not to mention some of the backwards comments both candidates have said over the past months to make a desperate point!


    True democracy wouldnt have policies already, true democracy would listen to its people and bring forth a referendum for its people to vote on major decisions…like war!

    Let no man or woman take your taxes and tell you have to live your life…politics is destroying this world, because politics breeds of fear!

  • sassygirl

    LMAO @ HillBilly!!! Too funny

  • Southern Belle 225

    Hell YES WE CAN!!!!!

    LOVES HIM. I Never lost faith that my boy was gonna pull it off! Just one more step to the whitehouse!

  • Tracey

    Those who is looking for a man to bring them HOPE is only fooling themselves. Look at the bible for heavensakes…many things have been predicted already, and it will only get worst..and the presidents of America are making it worst!

    You want HOPE stay in school, get a job and pray to Christ!

  • v-fromrock

    The Math does not add up Hillary, give up.

  • bree


    take your own advice.. the word is WORSE

  • beautiful b


  • Somer

    Hillary know the only reason she won Indiana (by 2pts) was because of operation chaos. Pill popping Rush told Republicans to go out & vote for Hillary cause she is the weaker candidate. Polls aready show that Obama would smoke McCain in Nov. If she win, it would also keep this drama going on among the Dems. Either way it would keep old ass McCain & his out of touch policies out of the news.

    There are laws in certain states that you cannot cross party lines from the primary to the general election. That law need to be in all 50 states.

  • Rozza

  • 007

    All the energy they placed on taking out each other is just makin it easier for McCizain. He sittin back laughin. Obama may win the battle but sadly he will lose the war. He will prolly have to wait 4 more years. All we can do is our part by voting.

  • beautiful b

    @ Random White Dude…I LIKE U.

  • Rozza

    Time to can the dating site spammers. That crap is old.

  • Rozza

    Can anybody tell me – what the heck is “Check me out!” for?

  • Lola AM

    @ Random White Dude

    I just read about that on CNN. The media and Hillary are doing nothing to help democrats for the fall election. If McCain wins, they can thank Hillary and the media!

  • Aziza

    YES WE CAN!! Go Obama!

  • Rozza

    @Somer: Although I agree with you on some level, if you interfere with people being able to vote across party lines, then it is a violation of my right to choose whomever I want. I think it would only work during primary season, but then again, if there is a candidate that you want to focus on in another party, it all becomes a shell game.

  • Tracey

    Bree, relying on man to make your life right is stupid, all the men and women that will head any country has to serve big business first…dont be fooled!

    Get yourself in school, get a job and get your ass in church…obama isnt going to fix anybodies like, nor clinton nor mccain!

  • Missy


    Don’t be a smart-ass!! How about that?


    I feel what you’re saying. I’m into the Bible, Kuran, Revelation, and things of that nature. But ofcourse, everybody won’t understand or know where you are coming from because “eyes have not seen, nor have ears heard”. Personally, I like Obama and am rooting for him. I think he’s one of the most positive influences in politics right now. For whatever it’s worth, I hope that he becomes the next president, too. Go Obama!!!!

  • Natasha

    LOL@ Hillbilly! Things are looking great for Obama. I pray Obama president, I believe that he has it! There is no way in hell McCain can win.

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