Shotgun Part 2??

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Ah, the strange nuptial practices of Hollyweird. More pieces of the Mimi/Nick puzzle seem to be seeping out from the media by the moment.

Click HERE to learn more about these new revelations and read Nick’s reaction to getting hitched.

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  • Wessside!!

    1st bytches

  • Lush-Us Lipps


  • Uhh


  • WHAT?

    WOW!!! Ain’t that some ish!!

  • Detroiter4Life

    That fool found him a straight ditzy gold mine!! I think I can hear Nick yellin…..”I’m Rich B*tch!!” LOL!!! She is truly not the brightess bulb in the pack…….Congrats on yo winning Lotto Ticket Nick! ;p

  • $m♥K.E.Y.

    well at least this time he tied the knot, this clown been engaged to

    every gurl he ever took out on a first

  • Kerry

    Thats BS, didnt that heffa just say that she didnt want no kids… smh! They’re so full of shyt! I STILL aint buyin it!!! BOOOOOO!

  • Lush-Us Lipps

    They look like Nick taking his “older” sister on prom. Or like a mother and son dance at a wedding. Sumthing about this couple seems a little fakish!

  • ec outta da qc

    ummm… ok, WOW ?!?!?

  • MySpace Codes

    Strange happenings… very weird.

  • MixedPearl

    Nick is such a G0o0o0o0o0o0o0ober.. i don’t believe these two are together.. i smell suspect.. out of all the ppl in the world Mariah gotta marry that goof troop lookin character.. honestly, it’s a cover up.. we all know Mariah is feelin Da Brat!

  • fat boy

    who knew she even liked black dudes.

  • LadyLuv

    Still don’t believe it.

  • WHAT?

    Maybe they are both gay and are using this as a cover up! Yeah that’s it! LOL! I’m joking…I wish them the best!

  • BellaY

    I hope its real and it lasts!!! I can never get enough of seeing rich black people marry each other and have rich, priviledged children!!! The more rich black people the merrier as far as I’m concerned.

  • cat eyes

    well,mariah has always been 2 sandwiches short of a picnic,so this is really no surprise.

  • I'm Just Me


  • Detroiter4Life

    @ Smokey….

    LOL!!! Right….right! ;o)

  • Jason

    Detroiter..Nick Cannon has his own money but no he is nowhere as rich as Mariah. Just because 2 people get married does not mean he is getting half of the $300+ million Mariah already had before she met him fool.

  • urbluesaintlikemin

    @ BellaY I agree with you , and to all the folk who say tha Nic is a goober …what are you? This guy is doing big things in Hollywood and he is ambitious. He has money too,not as much as Mariah but who cares. Nobody is saying anything about Demi when she married Ashton Kutcher. He didnt have any where near the money as she does. Nicole Kidman is married to a younger guy. Geena Davis. Hell Halle just had a baby for a guy who is just a model. Where is the up roar over them. Everybody need to sthu . We dont know Mariah, or Nick personally. I think they look good together, and I hope it all works out.

    Oh that black lady on CNN who was talking harsh about Nick needs to do her homework before she goes on tv spouting foolishness.

  • LadyLuv

    Still think its a publicity stunt.

  • bootlegger

    this is one odd pairing. SMH

  • medpassion

    i try not to be a hater but the union seems suspect….but all in all i wish them the best. and its not about the age thing( ashton&demi) both characters are being criticized because of their track records which are not so flattering. nick is flaky and mariah is nutty….oh well. good luck to them.

  • swoosh

    @ bootleger

    i couldn’t agree more

    things that make u go hummmmmmmmmm

  • Not hatin'

    Nick Cannon is the man. This dude’s been getting with hot women for years, and now he hits the jackpot. He must really know how to lay the pipe well. He’s a young, hot, rich, smart black man. Lucky, lucky guy.

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