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Police Shot Rapper Willie Bo 25 Times

Exactly one week ago we reported on the police shooting death of Bay Area rapper Willie Bo, born Willie McCoy.

Bo was found asleep in his car at a fast food drive-thru, reportedly with a gun on his lap. Upon being awakened by officers who feared he was going to shoot them, Bo was hit with 25 bullets according to NBCNews and died on the scene.

Oakland attorney Melissa Nold examined the rapper’s body and says that bullets struck the center of his face, throat and blew off part of his ear in addition to injuries to his shoulders, chest, and arm.

“Overkill is an understatement,” Nold said of his wounds and the number of times he was struck.

Nold has serious questions about the officers’ retelling of events that lead to McCoy’s death.

Nold also called into question the officers’ version of events in which they said the doors to McCoy’s Mercedes-Benz were locked when they first considered retrieving the gun from his lap before he woke up.

Even if the doors were locked, the front passenger’s side window was already broken and had a sheet of plastic covering it, which could have been removed, Nold said. Video of McCoy’s car being towed in the aftermath from the scene shows plastic over the open window and several bullet holes in the windshield.

Bottom line is, somebody got some ‘splaining to do.



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