Tameka Comes for Usher and Responds to Papers

- By Bossip Staff

Tameka Foster went on ATL station V-103 to dispel the rumors about Usher’s new song “Papers” that make her out to be some gold-digger.

Usher married you Tameka and had two kids; that was enough publicity.

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    Am I first!


    I hope I’m first for once?

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  • Atlien


  • dayg715

    save it, tameka. no matter how you spin it, you’re still an old gold digging trick who’s plan to take over usher’s life and money failed. deal with it, and move on to the next young fool.

  • Tra

    Can she answer one question….DANG!


    She need to sit down somewhere. Usher does too.

  • B'More

    Usher’s momma pegged this chick as no good from day one. take notes, fellas. if your mom thinks your girl is no good, 9 times out of 10 she’s right.

  • gina

    thank God Usher finally came to his senses.

  • Souljagir

    Yall are acting mad at her! Yall DO NOT KNIW HER! YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT HE WAS LIKE OUTSIDE THE PUBLIC EYE! I personally am sympathetic to her situation!

  • Trixxie

    I dont think I will ever forgive Usher for marrying this woman

  • Nique


    Oh, and YAWNNNNN on this played out trick!

  • JNoodles


  • tb

    I like Meka…she seems very intelligent.

  • Fresh

    LMAO @ that picture….girl bye!

  • statim08

    Yeah, Usher ain’t no angel in this. For every story there’s two sides plus the truth.

  • kmm504

    what people tend to forget is that she was ushers stylist first! this woman had her own when she met him. usher is just doing what he has been doing cheating!

  • http://Bossip.com D

    She knew what she was doing when she got with Usher. Talking about she loves her children. He should have asked her why is it she only have Usher children leaving with her. Fake mother. She knew she was going to get paid once she had his baby.

  • Trixxie

    damn, Usher why did you do it.
    mama told ya

  • Kris in Dallas


  • Summer

    Tameka is not a gold digger, she had her own money before she married Usher. And regardless of her age or how many kids she has, Usher obviously accepted her for who she was. I’m sure they signed a prenup so leave the woman alone!!!

  • Kris in Dallas

    She’s starting to bother me

  • lean (Breaking the Monotony)

    I ALWAYS knew in my heart that Tameka was USING USHER!!!!! I’m not saying he’s perfect but this was NEVER A GOOD MATCH!!! EVERYONE KNEW HIS MOM EVERYONE!!! It had NOTHING to w/ her complexion! (hello??? we ALL except Kim Porter and Diddy and they are the same color!)….I could tell from the beginning Tameka was a NO GOOD GOLD DIGGING GHETTO B*TCH!!!!!!!!!

  • Trixxie

    I think Usher should come out clean and tell us once and for all wat kind of blackmail or black magic this woman had on him coz from the word go you could see it was going nowhere

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