The RHOA Had its Season Finale Last Night but the Drama is Still Going

- By Bossip Staff

If you follow us on Twitter, then you know it was PURE COMEDY during the season finale of The Real Housewives of Atlanta . With all the drama that popped off, apparently the girls are still having issues.  So, Kim and NeNe hit up Jimmy Kimmel and Sheree has issues paying her bills, AGAIN.

Popular Atlanta news publication, the AJC, is putting RHOA cast members Sheree and NeNe on blast, claiming that Bravo has been paying for both Sheree and NeNe to live in luxury homes during the show.

We hear Bravo gets NeNe side jobs. This could be why we’ve been seeing her host and appear at so many events, and yet, she still seems to come home broke??? …meaning she’s horrible at managing finances.  Sheree is having issues too with maintaining her living quarters.

In any event, NeNe and Kim hit up Jimmy Kimmel last night and appeared to be friends, despite the fact that they were fighting like alley cats on last night’s finale:

These fake chickens, but we are not surprised because they do it all for ratings. Still the most classic line from the finale last night was Nene is a Moose!!! SMH…

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  • WakeDaFuKUp


  • uLuvit

    number one!!!

  • uLuvit

    Team NENE!!!!

  • uLuvit

    I with you. I wanted to see the choke scene!!

  • CC

    Some of you are so naive. Did some of you really think you would see a fight?

  • Speaking the truth...

    Oh please…listen if Bravo came to your town picked you and your homegirls to be in a show…the would edit the show around your personalities and what makes good TV. NeNe is what she appears as an outspoken and outgoing woman with a rough past but has great presence and can talk to people on the level. I believe she is a real woman who can be a real friend to someone. (Its all about editing for drama) Kim is what she is…a woman who makes her money through a man or men. (She does not deny this)
    Sheree – well she settled for the football contract & lifestyle when she got married to her ex-husband because he is not the greatest thing to look at every morning. Sheree is not ugly so she could’ve done better.

    So how they are portrayed…is pretty close and accurate but for drama purposes..they can exaggerate and distort their personalities a bit much.

    Also it is so obvious Bravo is paying for NeNe and Sheree’s homes..(NeNe especially – it hardly looks lived in.

  • Sticky-n-Sweet

    Kandi is the only chick with some money on that show. Kim is hanging by Big Poppa’s thread, NeNe can’t get her money right, Sheree can’t either, and Ed Hartwell better try and get himself a job (but not as a commentator, he wasn’t famous enough as a football player to get that gig)

  • Jazmine

    Kim looked hott and surprisingly NeNe looked good as well. I’m liking that hair much better than that other crap she had going on. However, I’m going to need NeNe to lose some weight so she can stop wearing all that da** black!

  • Jazmine

    OMG at Kim calling NeNe a moose last night!!! Hahahahahaha! I almost fell off my da** couch when she said that.

  • Juicy J

    Being from Atlanta, this show just embarrasses me. I knew it when I saw the picture of the cast that it was going to be bull because Black people are always status-frontin’ down here. Always. The cost of living down here is much cheaper than bigger cities so people get to flex a bit. Doesn’t mean their money is long, they just get more to show for it. I’m so embarrassed:-\

  • Come On Now, For Real???

    Thanks for putting that out there Juicy J. If they lived in DC, they would have a studio apartment, and a Kia. lol

  • look a likes

    Auntie NeNe looks like Auntie Mary J. Blige

  • margeuxlishous

    Chi Please! NeNe is what she is “A DAM HATER”! If you look at NeNe’s face on the night show. Her smile to Kim look fake as hell. They’re not friends, NeNe hates the fact that Kim looks “FLY” all the time, riding a married mans “D**K, and she’s been stripin for an old geezy for 10 years, and still can’t be stable! PaaaHaaaaaaaaa! Woooooo!

  • Anon3

    the whole point of the show is to find women who will bring drama with them…that is why they got rid of Deshawn Snow…personally I don’t think Kandi on her own would have been a good fit but mix in her mother and fiance issues and that alone brought her enough drama….they all have their issues, but Nene is still the funniest…loves her…Kim…Kim..Kim….just horrible, Sheree…was like a deer caught in a headlight…the only thing she did for the fashion show was sketch her designs…that fashion show was Dwights….I feel for Lisa but not that much her downsiziing would still be considered luxury to most people…

  • Redd

    Calling Nene a moose was not funny! I am still a Nene fan. Bravo did make her look bad this season, but it is OK! Nene is still keeping it real!


    i used to love this show. however this season it is very manufactured. everything about the show seems fake. all of the interaction on camera looks/feels scripted. the only real person on the show is Khandi’s Mom. that woman is a real mom with real concerns. i like that she DOES NOT play it up for the cameras — for a toast or a photo op.


    yes i forgot about dwight. he is She by Dwight. Sheree is a mess and could not carry a clothing line. Dwight is real and needs his one show. Follow Dwight in heels. Dwight at the gym. Dwight all day and night.

  • sasha

    I was glad to see Kandi’s mother had made some peace with AJ before he was killed. kandi appears to be the only real person on the show. Nene is so fake, she got on my last nerve when she went back to her home place, like she some A-lister. She knew that man looked just like her son. He didnt want any part of being on TV Kim is a hoe, sheree is a broke wanna be, lisa well she is a copy cat. I hope they don’t bring this back on for another season.

  • http://bossip miss dior

    RHOA needs overhauling, they need real housewives with money or have something going on for them.All of these women and their husbands are broke, except kandi.

  • Dajournalist

    WHy do people keep saying Kim is fly? This broke down jump off has 2 young ladies to raise. THat isht is NOT cute.

  • Joy

    Team Nene….anywho…I liked that Bravo showed Kandi’s mom giving AJ some love, that was really good although I don’t think that they would have showed that had AJ lived…

    I think that Kim is a escort…..No big Poppa ..Where are her funds coming from?

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    NeNe kills me, on how she thinks she is not ghetto!!

  • t

    that line from kim calling nene a mosse was classic. that shyt was hilarious

  • t


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