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Offset Disses Blogs In GQ Interview

Here’s your gentle reminder from Offset that “y’all (specifically the blogs) LOST” when it comes to his marriage.

The “Father Of 4” rapper recently sat down with GQ to discuss his new album and his continuously rising fame as not only a member of the Migos but spouse to Cardi B.

According to Offset who reflected on his background as a dancer in his early years and friendship with 21 Savage, bloggers wreaked havoc on his marriage and they’re to blame for his brief separation from Cardi—not his (alleged) Gwinnett county copulation with thirsty trollops.

“I’m 27, I’m a young guy, we done stepped into some things we didn’t really know too much about,” said Offset. “We love each other and everything, but it’s like, we was going through a separation — both of us are artists on top too — so when certain blogs would lie or say something that wasn’t true, I would still become the bad guy somehow. I don’t get why it can’t just be: I f–ked up, I made my say, and we moved past that sh-t.”

As previously reported Offset’s adamant that he never smashed Summer Bunni before his Cardi separation but admitted that he “entertained it.”

Now he’s telling GQ that the constant media chatter caused insecurities in his house—not his own alleged actions, and he rapped about it on the track “North Star.” While Offset admits he’s done some “f***d up s***”, he says he’s “growing as a man” and the blogs aren’t helping.

“I want to be an artist, bro. You know me as Offset from the Migos. The personal s***, that’s for me and my family. When I do my apology, I’m doing it for my family, bro. It’s not for you.

You’ve got to keep your family tight, especially in the public eye. I ain’t no perfect dude, I’ve done some f***d up s***. But we moved past that. I’m growing as a man, I’m educating myself. The blogs just trying to be shooting n***s down all day, bro. At the end of the day, it causes insecurities inside the house. Keep that to yourself.

I can’t go in your living room and tell you how your step daddy is f****d up because he did this or that. I would never do that. So that song is just a personal song.”

Hmmmmmmmmm, it’s understandable that negative media attention will put pressure on your message but did “the blogs” cause Cardi’s insecurities—or did something else???

Offset Cardi

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