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R. Kelly’s Bail-Posting “Friend” Is Really Just A “Fan”

R. Kelly‘s arrest and subsequent release have made for one of the ugliest and most bizarre plot twists in his already disgusting cannon of strange and stomach-turning stories.

Yesterday we reported that a friend of R. Kelly, a woman named Valencia P. Love, posted the $100,000 bail that the singer desperately needed to get out of jail after being charged with 10 counts of sexual abuse. Today, the Chicago Sun-Times is reporting that a friend of Kelly’s has revealed more details about this dimly-lit broad.

According to Robert’s friend Don Russell, Valencia is an R. Kelly Stan fan who only met the singer FIVE MONTHS AGO on a cruise!

Love was a fan of Kelly’s music when she met the 52-year-old singer on a cold fall night aboard a Spirit of Chicago cruise on Lake Michigan in September, Russell said. Over the weekend, she called members of Kelly’s inner-circle and told them she wanted to help when she saw he wasn’t able to make bail.

“She wanted Rob to have a chance at justice, and she thought he’d have a better chance outside of jail than inside,” Russell said.

One report claims this chick is so thirsty to be close to Robert that after he was released from jail, she held a toast to their friendship. Love called the paper to dispute some of Russell’s claims, but she did admit to paying the bail despite the fact that she is allegedly prone to be a brokie her damn self.

She filed for bankruptcy in 2015, saying she couldn’t pay $2,700 in parking tickets. She told the court she was a teacher at a South Side daycare where she’d worked for seven years.

But in 2017, she and her former husband came into a windfall. Each got about $1.1 million in a legal settlement from a wrongful-death lawsuit they filed against the former Children’s Medical Hospital in Chicago, court records show. Their daughter had died in 2010 during a heart procedure at the hospital, according to the records.

This. Woman. Might. Have. Used. Her. Daughter’s. Wrongful. Death. Money. To. Bail. Out. A. Pedophile.


Outside the lounge, Russell said Kelly told him last year that he had “zero dollars in the bank” because he “trusted the wrong people” who took advantage of him. Since then, Russell claimed, “Money is coming to him, but not as much as he would like.”

Good. Go to prison with ya broke a$$. SMFH.


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