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Mark Meadows Was Outraged At Being Called Racist

Michael Cohen testified against Donald Trump in front of Congress for 9 hours yesterday and suffice to say that there were many tense, revealing, and often explosive moments, but none more viscerally moving than this one.

Early in the proceedings Republican Congressman from North Carolina, Mark Meadows, trotted out Black female Trumper Lynne Patton to challenge the notion that the President is a racist. Which is racist. As hell.

Upon being called out for such an offensive display of ignorance by never-scared freshman Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib, Meadows threw a red-faced b!t¢# fit in an attempt to defend himself against the label. He even went so far as to double down on the racist exercise claiming his nieces and nephew “are people of color”.

Thing is, Mark Meadows has done racist things in the past that were just as tone deaf and dog-whistly as turning a Black woman into a muted prop. For example…

Yeah, because there’s NOTHING racist about sending the Black azz President “home to Kenya or where ever”.

There were exactly ZERO things wrong with what Rashida Tlaib said yesterday and there are clearly a million things wrong with Mark Meadows.



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