“Seeking Sister Wife’s” Dimitri Is Ready To FINALLY Give Vanessa The D… But Ashley Is Worried About Her PH Balance?! [VIDEO]

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Dimitri and Ashley Snowden with potential sister wife Vanessa

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Polygamous Couple Discusses Getting Intimate With New Girlfriend

In case you missed Sunday’s (3/3) episode of TLC’s series “Seeking Sister Wife” we’ve got a clip to share with you! In the second season of the show, Dimitri and Ashley Snowden have been dating newcomer Vanessa Cobbs this season and they recently took their polygamous relationship to the next level by asking Vanessa to move into their new home in Los Angeles. Now that the moving boxes have been unpacked, Dimitri is ready for the next step…

In this clip, Ashley Snowden considers granting her husband Dimitri permission to start being intimate with potential sister wife Vanessa – but she has one basic (in more ways than one), and non-negotiable, condition.

“Seeking Sister Wife” airs at 10pm ET/PT on TLC

What do you think of this scenario? Would you ever considering bringing another person into your relationship? How about tolerating someone your partner has brought in? The way the Snowden’s are moving definitely seems like the most respectful way to go about it.

Here’s more on the series:

Since their failed attempts at courtship last season, Dimitri and Ashley have started dating Vanessa, a vivacious woman from Seattle. By all accounts, Vanessa seems like the sister wife of their dreams – someone whose rapport with Ashley is equal to her chemistry with Dimitri. In the midst of their budding romance, the Snowdens decide to move across the country – from Atlanta to California – and they invite Vanessa to leave her life in Seattle to start this new journey with them. Their courtship veers into unpredictable territory as Vanessa has to jump a multitude of hurdles in order to earn a commitment, as well as Ashley’s blessing to become intimate with Dimitri. Ultimately, the trio must confront formidable naysayers who could jeopardize their budding romance.



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