Boulder Colorado police seen harassing Black man picking up trash

F**k 12: Cops Caught On Camera Confronting And Detaining Black Colorado Man For Picking Up Trash

- By Bossip Staff

Midsection Of Man Holding Gun

Source: Glenn Mcgloughlin / EyeEm / Getty

Cop Seen On Camera Harassing Black Man Picking Up Trash

Why can’t cops just leave us alone to mind our Black a$$ business?

Every day we log on to the internet and see yet another instance of police abusing their power to harass a Black person. According to NBCNews the latest example of this infuriating trend took place in Boulder, Colorado.

Police were seen on body cam footage confronting a man who was sitting inside an enclosed patio are with a “private property” sign on it. Officers approached the man to ask if he was allowed to be there and were told he was a resident and employee of the building in addition to presenting an ID card.

The overly aggressive pigs detained him anyway.

“You’re on my property with a gun in your hand, threatening to shoot me, because I’m picking up trash,” the man says. “I don’t have a weapon. This is a bucket. This is a clamp.”

He can also be heard saying: “I’m not sitting down. I’m not sitting down, and you can’t make me.”

The cop then got on the radio and requested reinforcements for a man who was “unwilling to put down a blunt object”

At some point, the bacon boys determined that the man had a legal right to be there. The initial responding officer was placed on administrative leave pending an investigation into his conduct.

F**k 12.



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