A “Lil Positivity”: RHOA Kandi Burruss Opens a Clothing Boutique in Atlanta

- By Bossip Staff

Aside from all the drama that surrounds the show and dealing with two deaths, Kandi has opened up her own boutique, TAGS, in Atlanta. This is one RHOA that we don’t have to worry about hearing all kinds of foolishness.

Pop it for Pics of Kandi’s Store…

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  • BabY KakeS

    Good for her. I like her, she the only cool one from all the cast.

  • Nikki

    Congrats to her. It’s impressive that she’s still able to keep moving forward after so much tragedy recently. Best wishes to her.

  • http://bossip miss dior

    Am happy for her, she looks happy considering all she’s been thru recently.

  • GA Queen

    Good for her. Luv the hair.

  • Debra

    ok, cut the bias, if Greg had recently been Murdered, and NeNe was out and about like Kandi, opening stores etc; yall would have a fit! Kandi kissin up to Scandalous “Monkey with a Wig on” ruins her credibility! Stay tuned, the attention starved Miss Burris will surprise all you believers….oh, the Hair,, looks like a Flame gone Bad!

  • always knew

    kandi, is looking good except for the hair.
    oh, the Hair,, looks like a Flame gone Bad!- I agree.

    But, I am happy for her.

    Much success, with your new store..


  • 1TruDiva w/the PlatinumVocals---Pimpin, Platinum style!!! J-Hud's concert was OFF THE MEAT RACK!!!!!!!!!

    I hope those clothes she has on is NOT what she’s trying to sell!

  • Amanda Boo

    good for her 🙂


    I wish Kandi the best. Truth be told.. Retail isn’t a good investment right now..

  • Cause I Said So.....That's Why!

    positive things happen for positive people!

  • elektrikeccentrik

    @ Debra
    I wouldn’t be surprised if Kandi starts showin’ out. But I wish her luck though. She’s going through it especially having to raise AJ’s daughters…

  • nat king cole

    I hope her fiances death wasn’t one of those ritual killings everyone talks about inorder to achieve a certain level of fame and status.

  • Roni

    She’s a beautiful, positive woman. Wishing her nothing but success and best wishes.

  • http://www.k.com noelle

    Is opening a clothing store of boutique in ATL as easy a breathing?? That’s what I gather..

  • Coco

    Grand opening…6 months later…Grand closing…

  • memchee

    one of the few rhoa members who appears to understand how to conduct business

  • Samael

    Maybe she could have Sheree run it. I understand she’s an excellent businesswoman.

  • RazeKane

    Thats my kind of woman right there…sucessful, intelligent, classy, good heart and she minds her freaking business a real smooth chic…Hit me up Kandi…..

  • RazeKane

    One other thing that makes Kandi a bad azz chic…She got her own shit, she is successful in her own right, no man or anybody supports this chic via alimony etc. Everything this chic owns was through her own strenght, as opposed to that leech kim who is bought and paid for.

  • Mel

    Kandi’s hair makes her look like Jr. Asparagus from Veggie Tales! And I wonder if she will be selling SHE by Sheree’ in her little boutique….. Hmmmm……

  • Tia

    Great for Kandi she is such a boss more than the other housewives and Tiny and Toya. Kandi has the smart money thing going and I luvs it!! However I am going to need Kandi to rethink her stylist, this hair the color and this dreadful outfit.

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    Cut the shit. Kandi looks like she hears voices.


    I hope her fiances death wasn’t one of those ritual killings everyone talks about inorder to achieve a certain level of fame and status.


    Ah who the hell you talking to chump!

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