Wanted: Soulja Girl

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

That unhinged heffah known as “Soulja Girl” is wanted by Atlanta Police after acting a fool and threatening an old lady on the MARTA last week. Officials are currently on the look-out for Soulja Girl – one anonymous tipster told the police that they’ve seen her crazy ass on the bus route 22. They can cut their search time in half by hitting up all the local psyche wards – judging by her behavior, she was obviously on the loose.

Click here to watch Soulja Girl in action.


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  • Southern Belle 225


  • guilty pleasure

    this is crazy……….

  • WTF?


  • Southern Belle 225

    can someone please whip her ass? OMG. Did her wig come off? And who in the hell is she going to press charges on?

    “i’m pressing charges, i’m pressing charges, i’m pressing charges….” LOL

  • Frog-a-licious

    Damn it’s about time. This crazy heffah needs some help.

  • kaly

    hohoho, I saw her profile on the celebrities/rich men seeking affairs site S u g a r M i n g l e.c om last week. It said she is interested in seeking a rich man for sugar daddy on that site! what a fool woman!

  • http://spirituallysmart.com/ Heather

    We are doomed. The whole lot of our asses. Doomed.

  • http://www.yahoo.com Jai

    She need a good ole southern ass whooping!!! If that was my Grandma nana, the ATL police would have to call the Crime Scene Investigators on her ass….but if you notice, she did not go off on the young man who told her to calm down, once he got on her ass, she wanted to “press charges” Get the f&*! outta here!!!

    And Kudos to the young man who finally stood up to her while the so called adults sat on their asses and said nothing. It’s sad to see what society has come to!!

  • Prayer is needed

    Sad…very sad. We are in the last days and NO ONE seems to be watching as Jesus instructed us to do. This young lady seems to be on drugs and this older women who has lived her life raised her kids and maybe even grandkids is being publicly harassed by a child. So sad that our world is spinning out of control. Than the young girl had the nerve to say she was going to press charges when she was the one causing a public disturbance. God help us all to fight evil of drugs, sober us to do your will. We all need to pray for one another rather than laugh at such sadness.

  • TaShA

    OMG!!! i’ve been tryna look at that vid since last week but it wouldn’t work…now that i’ve seen it, idk what to even say!!! that chick is LOONEY TOONS!! like somethin is REALLY wrong wit her…omg smh

  • bidibidibambam

    he he he whoever caught that on tape, lolololo thats one for the books! mm mm mm lolololololol she needs to be put down, ignorant, crazy heifer. put that her in the psych ward? God knows she’s got babies and a “family” that “loves” her and will keep them from putting her away till she gets better either way it will not get any better, worst off there are chicks who act that way and think it’s becoming. disgusting and disgraceful. SAD SAD SAD but funny?!?!

    she needs Jesus, no seriously she needs Prayer!

  • Just Sit and Be Pretty

    Wow, this girl interrupted needed to be zapped in her bloated belly with a Taser STAT. Bet that would’ve calm her crazy ass down!!

    It took way too long for someone to step in. From the minute she stepped to grandma, one of those guys should have been all over her. To me, you just don’t eff w/ old people and kids!!

  • HomoMafia

    Crack is wack, she needs a good beat down!

  • ErykaBaDooze

    Sooo… this is what our “young ladies” are doing???

    Im Sooooo embbarassed! *hiding my face*

  • Ndi

    It is clear that she is NOT SANE. Mental illness in youth is an odd thing to witness but real none the less.

  • bree

    i still want to know how the hell this person taped the video and she didn’t notice the cell phone recording, but she did know that was the guy who raped her last week, so much so, she is pressing charges(LOL)?…

  • K

    I think she’s pressing charges…

  • WHAT?

    ????? This is crazy!

  • WHAT?

    She needs to be happy that old lady didn’t pull out a pistol and blow her head off. People are crazy now days…all ages, colors, economic classes, etc! That would’ve been nutz!

  • Cadillaclove

    Im mad she asked him what his name was so she could press charges…Mess!!!!

  • beautiful b

    dag i hope they find her, before soulja boy does and yanks back his ignorant style.

  • Sunny Days

    if u are unable to pull up the clip on livesteez, then try http://www.sandrarose.com

    it may be on the second or third page.

  • texas star

    I would be in jail for the 1st degree if that was my grandmother..someone should of stopped her way before then

  • SoSo

    I hate this ignorant lil girl. I hope someone beats her ass cuz her mouth pisses me off.

  • Suga Mo

    MAN!!!! I know that lady though she was in the twilight zone.

    That little girl is on that sh*t or certifiable Psycho!!!! She needs a whole lot of help… but you know what, she didn’t really do anything but act a damn fool, and embarass her family in public.

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