Senate Republicans vote down Trump's National Emergency declaration

Mutombo Finger: 12 Senate Republicans Join Democrats To Vote Down Trump’s Fake A$$ “Emergency”

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Senate Republicans Vote Against Trump’s National Emergency

Not in our House…or Senate.

Today the Senate voted on Donald Trump’s declaration of a national emergency in order to secure funding for his stupid a$$ border wall.

According to CNN, twelve Senate Republicans including water-sippin’ Marco Rubio and bootlickin’ Mitt Romney joined the Democrats to vote against the mad President 59-41. Unfortunately, Trump has specific veto power and had already announced that he will use it once the Senate shuts him down.

Lawmakers would need even more votes to override Trump’s veto and it doesn’t look like they will get that magic number. That said, Trump is more on an island than he’s ever been at any point during his Presidency, he does not have the will of the people or the government.

“Declaring a national emergency to access different funds sets a dangerous new precedent,” GOP Sen. Rob Portman of Ohio warned in remarks on the Senate floor ahead of the vote. “It opens the door for future presidents to implement just about any policy they want.”

Sounds like exactly the type of government that Trump wants. Thanks, 53% of white women. Great job.

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