Fill in The Blank: Gabriel Aubry

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Halle Berry recently threw a birthday party for her boy-toy boyfriend, Gabriel Aubry. The couple met on a modeling shoot and the party was held at the offices of Willemina modeling agency in New York. This guy gets Halle to help open up a multi-million dollar restaurant , she throws him surprise birthday parties, his fame explodes, and he gets to go home at night and soak Halle’s panties up. Lucky guy.

Did you know Dorothy Dandridge’s first YT husband was also a restaurateur , just like Gabriel.

FILL IN THE BLANK: Gabriel Aubrey is thinking to himself, damn, I ___________________.

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  • John Doe

    We are all human beings. Do not allow negative psychotic people that are obviously racist and misguided decided what you should think about different types of people. For the love of GOD!!!! African people are not from planet Mars!! They are human beings!!!! Burt Reynolds has some Native American blood, but he is still considered “WHITE”, so does Billy Bob Thorton!, Jessica Biel, Johnny Depp!!!! They probably just considered themselves human beings!!!!!!! It is obvious that the child will look more European than African!!! God bless them.

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  • FiyahCrotch

    Anytime u r not married then u r a single Mom! she was a single Mom from the time she got pregnant DUH,

    I dnt give a rats ass wht is going on between her and Gabriel


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  • Duane Hannah

    Ahhhh, the sweet taste of karma in action.. some “white” women have eschewed their male counterparts, and black men have all but flat-out insulted Black Women all over the country by using white women as little more than a status symbol.”Look at me! See what a success I am? I’m with a white woman!” Meanwhile, Proud, Beautiful, Black Women have looked on with a mixture of hurt pride, and rightious indignation at the oh-so-very-public snubbing they have received from these “gentlemen”. Witness now the beginning of an exodus of these Pi**ed-Off Women. Though I am a straight man, I have eyes, and can see that this is a pretty good looking guy..he must be, or he wouldn’t be a model, I suppose..but, Halle Berry has often been regarded as not on the most beautiful “black” actress..”Yes..I know..she’s mixed, but as we all know, if a person is mixed, 99.99% of the time, they identify as black. This is because 99.99% of the time, if a child is mixed white/black, it is a bm/wf, and black men don’t allow their children to identify any other way.I know this, because I am a living contradiction to the ridiculous notion “once you go black..etc..”If the offspring is male, they encourage them to date white females. If the offspring is female, they all but forbid them to date white males, and most times do.Hmmmm..Insecurity, anyone?”But one of the most beautiful women on planet Earth!! Gee guys..keep up the good work..How long did you think they would take you treating them like that?

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