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Surviving La Llorona

Hey party people, Alex here with another exclusive edition of Bossip Be Trippin’ fresh out the grease for your weekend thrills (and chills). Now, before we start, I urge you to bless your laptop or phone before reading about my experience at the 2019 SXSW Movie Festival in Austin, Texas (where I may or may not have been haunted by a very ashy and very vindictive Mexican ghost named Ll Llorona).

For those not hip, La Llorona is a spooky legend passed down through generations that I just learned about a few weeks ago. And yes, she’s probably standing behind you right now without shoes on. But, anyway, the legend begins with a beautiful woman in love with a man she caught creepin’ (Note: definitely not a Black man, though, because we don’t cheat) before drowning their kids and herself in a spiteful rage.

Boom, the curse of La Llorona was born and lives on as a terrifying tale of “the weeping woman” who stalks and drowns kids when she isn’t looking for her own murdered kids in the darkness. Whew, it’s quite the spook fest that inspired Warner Bros. to connect her to the Conjuring universe and invite me to a haunted hotel for a press junket.

Peep my lil video recap here. Pray first, though.

Imagine walking into a swanky hotel full of friendly people, delicious food and an open bar without knowing it’s haunted. That’s exactly what I did. And I didn’t find out it was haunted until after drink and plate #2. At that point, it was too late. I was already inside the famously haunted Driskill in downtown Austin where Warner Bros. set up a spiritual cleansing experience along with a haunted hotel historian (to basically tell you about everyone who died in the hotel).

Look, I’ve never actually been haunted (as far as I know) but played along anyway and let the healer bless me with rose water and a very special egg. I also learned about a little girl who fell and broke her neck on the lobby steps that you can still (allegedly) hear skipping around. Sadly, she didn’t come out to play with me. I know because I looked for her.

While some people were shook and claimed to feel presences around them, I cackled at the over-the-top presentations that continued before AND after the screening of “The Curse of La Llorona” (which I enjoyed and recommend to anyone who enjoys stalker ghost shenanigans).

Fast forward to our cast interviews the next day at the (you guessed it) haunted Driskill on the fourth floor aka the most haunted floor in the hotel. BECAUSE OF COURSE. Legend has it that Annie Lennox stayed on that floor and couldn’t decide what dress to wear. Moments later, she returns from the bathroom and finds one of her dresses laid out for her on the bed. THE OTHER WAS LOCKED IN THE CLOSET. BoOoO.

Seriously, if you’re ever looking for a hotel where fancy ghosts pick out your outfits, the Driskell is perfect for you. Free show idea: “Paranormal Fashion Police. Yea buddy, and the cast was great. Big shouts to Raymond Cruz for being cooler than cool.

Special thanks to Warner Bros. & The MRKT for inviting me. I had a dope time (as you can tell) and will never forget dining at the Driskill while ghosts watched in the corner. As always, I appreciate you reading. Austin, Texas, you’re beautiful. “The Curse of La Llorona” in theaters now!



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