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NAACP Image Awards Special Screening Of OWN's 'The Book Of John Gray'

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Woman Claiming To Be Pastor John Gray’s Alleged Mistress Comes Forward, Releases Reported Voicemails

Let’s get this out the way; Pastor John Gray has vehemently denied any claims of an alleged sexual affair between him and a woman who’s NOT his wife. John Gray and his wife Aventer Gray both appeared on “The Real” and reassured their followers that there was never a sexual affair that took place between the man of God and another woman. They instead said that the affair, while inappropriate, was only emotional.

“I did not sleep with anyone, there’s no baby, there’s none of that,” said Pastor John Gray. “And so it’s important for me to take “responsibility for the areas where I did come up short. Sharing things about my marriage outside of my wife and outside of trusted counselors is an emotional affair. It was wrong. I take responsibility for that.”

Now, with that said—there’s an anonymous woman who’s come forward with what’s she calling receipts and claims that John Gray “went up yonder” dress to Habakkuk hump her to Second Samuel smithereens.

YouTuber Larry Reid Live recently posted a lengthy video that included ALLEGED voicemails from Pastor John Gray to his alleged mistress. The woman who doesn’t want to be identified told Reid that she’d known John Gray for twenty years before he allegedly pursued her. The woman claimed that the man of God came to her after she got a divorce and went to him for counsel.

From there the woman claimed that she and the parishioner carried on an alleged sexual affair. She also claimed that throughout their tryst he would give her money and say damning things about his wife.

“I ran into an issue financially and he was just like absolutely. and it was a big deal. It was a really big thing. From that moment on, it started from there. It snowballed into ‘I just love you so much. I always loved you. I always thought about you. I always cared about you.’ Then he was going through the stuff with his wife and he was saying how he didn’t like her, didn’t love her, that he was never attracted to her, that he only married her because she looked good on paper. His exact words were, ‘She don’t suck. She don’t f*ck. She ain’t never washed a pair of my drawers.”

NAACP Image Awards Special Screening Of OWN's 'The Book Of John Gray'

Source: Robin L Marshall / Getty

If you’re giving the story the side eye because it’s more salacious than Song of Solomon—trust us, it gets worse.

The woman also went into explicit detail about their alleged affair and said that the Pastor would speak in tongues (YES, TONGUES) during sex…

“No joke. When we slept together, he jumped up!”

and she gave Larry Reid alleged voice mails where Gray allegedly chastises her for not being available.

“Yo are you like ignoring me now?” a man on the phone says. I’m just trying to make sure. Let me get this straight. I’m being ignored by someone who I have sought to sow seed into, get resources to. I’m in your city and I can’t get a call back. I just wanted to make sure I got my facts straight. Got it!”

In another, a man, the alleged mistress says is Gray, advises her to delete their messages after his wife allegedly became suspicious.

“When you get this message, delete it. My wife saw our text messages from Friday. She knows you were in the same hotel as me and she does not know that I went to your room. She doesn’t remember me leaving. She’s got your number.”

You can listen to Gray’s alleged voicemails and the interview with the alleged mistress in the video below. The voicemails and the interview with the reported mistress begin at 1:02:50.

Do YOU believe this story from Larry Reid Live? Hopefully, the Pastor clears this up soon.


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