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NYPD Cop Alleged Punched Bronx Woman’s Eye Out

F**k the police. Straight like that.

According to a story in the NYDailyNews, a Bronx woman lost an eye when she was punched bloody by a lady pig with a door key in between her clenched fist. Johanna Pagan-Alomar is now suing Officer Theresa Lustica, but of course, the NYPD cleared Lustica of all wrongdoing.

“This is one of the most egregious acts of brutality that I have been involved with,” her civil lawyer, Michael Braverman, told the Daily News.

The story goes that Pagan-Alomar saw Lustica arresting a friend of hers and inquired what the man had done to be detained. Lustica allegedly cussed her out and showed her a bag of H that was found on the suspect. Pagan-Alomar walked closer to the arrested and is said to have “pushed her forward causing her to lose her balance”. Per usual, the camera footage shows no such push, but Pagan-Alomar was arrested for assault, harassment and obstructing governmental administration.

“She was cursing me,” Pagan-Alomar said. “And I said, ‘Why are you disrespecting me? I’m not disrespecting you.’” That set Lustica off, Pagan-Alomar says.

Pagan-Alomar says that Lustica threw her to the ground and straddled her, using her legs to hold down her arms. The officer then repeatedly punched her in the face with her right fist — as she held her handcuff key between the fingers of the hand she used to throw the punches, Pagan-Alomar says.

A witness says the Pagan-Alomar was attacked for 45 seconds and was thrown into the back of a cop car with her eye hanging out of the socket.

“Forgive me,” Pagan-Alomar says she remembers Lustica said during the ride in the patrol car. “Forgive me – I didn’t want to do this to you.”

Puta, please.

Again. F**k the police.



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