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<h2Uncle And Nephew Freed After 43 Wrongful Years In Prison

This story made us so happy, but also so, so sad at the same damn time.

According to ABCNews, two Black men, sentenced to death and life respectively, who were convicted of murder in 1976 have just been set free.

76-year-old Clifford Williams and his 61-year-old nephew Nathan Myer were 33 and 18, respectively, the last time they breathed free air. They have spent the last 43 years in prison for the shooting death of Jeanette Williams at a party, a crime they did not commit.

The uncle and nephew were sentenced in Florida (of COURSE! SMFH) in 1976 after a 2-day trial where dozens of witnesses were not called to the stand, witnesses who could have provided a valid alibi for the men as they were railroaded by the criminal “justice” system. But thanks to the Conviction Integrity Review (CIR) program created by the State’s Attorney, the mens’ sentenced have been vacated as the state “no longer has confidence in the integrity of the convictions or guilt of the accused.”

To make matters worse, Williams and Myer have been sitting in prison all this time despite the fact that someone else confessed to the killing years after the fact.

Myers was the one who ultimately got himself and his uncle out of jail. After reading a newspaper article in prison about the creation of a unit in Florida to review wrongful state convictions, he wrote a letter detailing their case.

In that letter, he also included a copy of an affidavit from a man who said that another person –- Nathaniel Lawson, now deceased – had confessed to the 1976 murder.

Congratulations to these brothas. We can’t even imagine the pain they’ve been through. Somebody need to break them off a HUGE check. A-f**king-SAP.



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