When Deebo Gets Knocked Out

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Suge Knight got into a fight last night after being heard telling a man “give me my money”. The man then knocked Suge out for a about three minutes before getting stomped by Suge’s homies in the club. TMZ reports that Suge went to the hospital but wouldn’t talk to one-time (police) about the incident.

On the ground and bloodied up, looks like Suge may be losing his deebo swag.

Images via TMZ

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  • JB

    Thats probably not his blood…

  • Troy

    Summertime is approaching.

  • anons

    deebo swag..lol

  • And.....

    I thought he found Jesus.

  • D

    I wonder what the guy who knocked him out looks like ?

  • mik-mik

    Suge found Jesus with Mase.

  • Ty

    This dude needs to go and chill out. However, he probably was in the club drunk and the dude hit him off guard. hahahahah.

  • terry fabulous!!!

    first good news i heard in a while

  • imrightdammit

    Good! It’s about time he got a little bit of what’s coming to him!

  • imrightdammit

    …uhmmm, there’s no way he can find out who leaves the comments, is there?

  • 2pac's spirit


  • fabulosity


    Suge Knight is the wackness.

  • Jessica-Keeping it real

    He’s just old and can’t kick it like he used to. You gotta know ya self- I know that there are things I can’t do that I used to do when I was younger and I am not even old like him. He needs to retire his pimp stick and let others handle that for him.

  • WordtotheWise

    I’ve fallen and I can’t get up — you reap whatcha sow.

  • NYNupe

    Vanilla Ice is somewhere jumping for joy!!!

  • kigali

    Seriously guys, lets not get too hype about this. The dude that knocked him out was probably just as bad as Suge. Birds of a feather lend money together.

  • De

    I wish Suge would write a book or something so he could make a little cheese again.

  • Ideal_sweetlove

    omg, that dude better watch his back from now on.

    but this is hella funny

  • Its6amHoGetOut

    This isnt the first time Suge got his ass beat, the last time this happened he and his boys showed up at dudes job and they fought again, dude beat that ass again, the next week dude was dead………….gunshot wound to the head!

    Look it up!

  • ms.sext$


  • Built2Bully


  • B

    Great, someone is about to get shot pretty soon!!! SMH.

  • vertallancome

    “Cancel Christmas”

    __Colors the movie

  • http://baidu.com TREE

    Mmmmmm, not his fan. By just saw his profile on dating site “W e a l t h y l o v I n g . c o m. ” last week. It seems he is single again.

  • I really hope this isn't as good as it gets....

    wow@ grown men fighting….

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