Cops Release Footage Of Willie Bo Being Shot 25 Times While Asleep

F**K 12: Cops Release Body-Cam Footage Of Willie Bo Being Shot 25 Times While Asleep [Graphic Video]

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Disgusting Video Shows Multiple Officers Opening Fire On Willie Bo

Body-cam footage proves what’s already been reported about Bay Area rapper Willie Bo’s murder.

Twenty-year-old Willie, birth name Willie McCoy, was shot an estimated 25 times by Vallejo cops when the officers found Bo sleeping in his car at a Taco Bell. At the time, McCoy had a gun resting on his lap.

According to The Guardian, McCoy’s family continually stood by claims that the officers murdered Willie when he wasn’t even alert or awake. Now, the disturbing body-camera video has been released, and it shows the young rapper had moved his hand to scratch his shoulder right before the officers opened fire.

The videos were released to the public after significant pressure and they also show that:

  1. The officers didn’t try to wake McCoy or speak to him after they found the gun in his lap. Instead, they aimed their firearms at his head directly outside the vehicle as he slept for several minutes.
  2. One officer said, “I’m going to pull him out and snatch his ass.”
  3. The officers realized Willie’s firearm didn’t have a magazine in it, explaining to each other that if it was loaded, it would have a single bullet in it. “He’s only got one shot if he shoots,” one officer said.
  4. McCoy eventually made a move by scratching his should but not yet appearing alert. And all six officers STILL fired at him several seconds later.

Trash. Trash. Trash.

The police department in Vallejo, which is 30 miles north-east of San Francisco, repeatedly claimed that the six cops fired out of “fear for their own safety.”

The footage clearly shows, however, that some of them were talking somewhat calmly for nearly five minutes before they unloaded their weapons. Two officers started shooting almost immediately after they arrived on the scene as backup.

Police continually refused to release the body-cam footage to the public. Only three relatives of Willie initially got to see the footage in a private viewing.

The police department then randomly decided to publish the video on Friday without even warning the family, according to one of their attorney’s, Melissa Nodd.

“It’s just a continuing of the insult to injury, the continuous disrespect,” she said. “They’re having to relive it without warning. It’s cruel.”

Meanwhile, another lawyer for the family, John Burris, said he plans on filing a civil rights lawsuit against the cops and the police agency.

If you want to witness the graphic video for yourself, you can watch it below.

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