Never Never Land

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

The other Pied Pedo is in the news this morning:

“Michael Jackson avoided foreclosure on his spectacular Neverland Ranch Sunday when a new bank took over the mortgage on the property. The 2,700-acre spread, complete with amusement park and menagerie, had been expected to be auctioned off this week after Jacko defaulted on payments.

But Colony Capital, a real estate investment firm, bought the $23.5 million mortgage and said it was negotiating a new payment plan. Jackson, 49, will likely sell the property, and soccer star David Beckham is one of the celebs reportedly thinking of buying it.”

For someone with money problems, he sure has a lot of stacks coming his way. It looks like Jacko’s world is crumbling around him, but it’s impossible to take pity on a dude who likes to have sleep overs with young boys and force his “offspring” to wear masks.


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  • lil latte


  • lil latte

    OK 2ND

  • getyourhandouttamypocket

    Wow…I bet Michael never thought he’d see the day this he’d come close to losing his home.

  • Butch Jones

    Mike ain’t never gone run outta paper, just like me. LOL

  • mogwai

    pinocchio nose pedo shrek I’M A REAL BOY yelling weirdo

  • Al-Anon

    I can’t ever decide if he looks like Liza Minelli, Elizabeth Taylor or that puppet, Madame.

    This is a black man transformed into a white hag!!

  • k.k

    hahaha wow!!!!love michael…but on the real how can a filthy person like him owe mortgage?

  • Jahpson

    Can someone explain to me how someone who makes over $1 million dollars got a damn mortgage on a house?

    see, thats why money always go to the wrong hands. if that was me? and I made $20 million dollars a year then my house would be in the range of $500,000-$1 mil.

    that way if anything pops off and I lose my money, I always got a home. smh

  • Negrodamus Believes

    Negrodamus Believes the masks worn by Michael Jackson’s offspring were gifts given by R.Kelly..

  • Southern Belle 225

    @negrodamus…shut up boy! LOL

    Do we really care anymore? If he is going to sell this go round, why didn’t he just do it in the first place instead of just running off leaving everything hanging. Sounds like some foolishness to me. But once again, do we really care anymore?

  • I really hope this isn't as good as it gets....

    long as he owns the rights to the beatles…this negro/white woman will neva be broke

  • ammy

    he is A GAY. he is seeking handsome guys now at a celebs&mi=llionaire dating club’S earching M illionaire***c o m’ I am sick of it.

  • Its6amHoGetOut

    Michael Jackson isnt broke, I think he owes alot of money but he isnt broke and as long as he controls that beatles catalogue he’ll always be well taken care of. What i think Michael is gonna do is sell that Neverland ranch off in parcels, that way he’ll get alot more money for it because developers will sub-divide that 2700 acres and build homes.

  • sdedee

    Amen serenpity

  • RawBee

    Don’t get is twisted people Mike will be caked up for a while, last I checked he owns the Beatles catalog of music so y’all can only imagine what thats worth

  • Crazy Ass Rodney

    This picture lookz familiar

  • tara


  • Stop the Hattin Make da Paper

    If the Jackson Family didn’t cut off, slash, mutilate, whiten-up or deny their ‘Negro” features look how much more money they would have. This is subtle to people out there of what the “look” should be. We are all affected by peer how many old sneakers do you really wear?-We are influenced by being “On point” But to to cut off our inherited identidy..We deny our great grand parents gifts to us..Keep your head up.Make the money but BE PROUD of your Blackness! Everything else you do is doesn’t really count if you are ashamed of the person in the mirror

  • Fellow Chubby Dude

    Honestly, Michale Jackson has plenty of assets. The question is, here does he want to spend his money? He is not broke. He just does not have 500 million in the bank.

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