Black Phoenix man breaks other motorists leg for calling him n-word

Racist Road Rage Reaction: Black Phoenix Man Breaks Motorist’s Thigh Bone For Calling Him N-Word In Traffic

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After a plaster is cut through in A&E with the plaster cutting saw, the nurse will then cut through the bandage underneath with a pair of bandage scissors.

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Phoenix Motorist Gets Leg Broken For Calling Black Man N-Word

Listen, if you called a Black person the n-word you better be ready to kill or die…or at the very least suffer a broken thigh bone.

According to ABC15, a Phoenix man, 59-year-old Floyd Earl Latham, was arrested and charged with aggravated assault during a road rage incident that went way left when a motorist decided that his car was a safe place from which to spew racist slurs.

He thought.

Latham boxed the man in with his car, pulled the other driver out of his car, whooped his a$$, and used his knee to break the man’s femur. A witness to the incident identified Latham as the aggressor days later. When he was arrested he told police that he became enraged by the use of the n-word.

No details as to how this will play out in court, but if there are any Black judges in Phoenix then hopefully the brotha will just get probation and no jail time.



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