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YES, the beard (that looks suspiciously stuck on) is real…

Chef Lawrence And Ana Talk “Hustle & Soul” Season 3

WE tv’s “Hustle & Soul” is a roller coaster ride. If you’ve never tuned into the sumptuous southern cooking serving reality show, you’re missing out on well-seasoned drama surrounding Chef Lawrence Page and his highly successful and historic Pink Tea Cup restaurants.

The cuisinier who specializes in soul food and has blessings from the likes of Jay Z who gave him his first break and Queen Latifah is now happily married to his longtime love/ costar Ana Lavender.

According to Chef Lawrence himself, he’s a totally changed man and he’s completely through with side chicks—no matter what you may see on TV.

“I’ve been with Ana almost 10 years,” said Chef Lawrence. “We have children together, as a black father I’ve done that thing already, being that great dad, I’ve shown our sons, Ana’s mom and our family that I can pull this family and lead it to greatness. I’ve done the cheating thing, I’ve done the crying at night, I’ve done the side chick thing,” he added.

“I’ve been through that already, that’s out my system. I’m at that level now where I’ve grown and I want the world to see that. “I think marriage is important so for me, Ana deserved that. To make her my wife was one of the biggest moments of my life, that was very private that I didn’t have to have televised and have people watch us have our kids running around.”

Not only that, the Pages say the secret to black love is “understanding, arguments, and most importantly “communication.”

“I think it’s hearing each other,” said Ana. “You have to speak for how that person is going to hear you. That was something that we finally got over.”

And while things are clearly good at home between the Pages, things have reached a fever pitch on “Hustle & Soul” season 3 at the Pink Tea Cup Miami.

The couple tells us there’s apparently a revolving door of employees.

“We try to bring people into the hospitality business and into our TV show and we realize that Hustle & Soul now has become a revolving door,” said Chef Lawrence.

“If you hot, you got talent, we’re gonna put you in the show. If you last you’re gonna last a couple seasons, if you don’t you don’t.

“We’re not regular reality people, we real,” he added. “I think that’s what could confuse a girl who went to acting school or a girl who’s a superstar bartender. We don’t play that bougie s**, you gonna come here get your hands dirty, make sure the drinks are right and make sure you take orders from Ana.”

Did YOU know that the Pink Tea Cup Atlanta will be opening soon?

According to Chef Lawrence, the restaurant which will be managed by Ana, is absolutely needed because people in Atlanta “can’t cook” soul food.


“These motherf**s cannot cook soul food in Atlanta and I don’t like it, so I’m coming to show you what good soul food is about,” said Chef Lawrence. “I haven’t walked into a place yet where the soul food was good in Atlanta.”

Will YOU be checking out the Pink Tea Cup ATL?

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“Hustle & Soul” season 3 premieres tonight April 4, at 10/9 c on WE tv.




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