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Mike Gilbert, OJ’s former sports agent, has written a book called: “How I Helped OJ Simpson Get Away With Murder.” In it, he says OJ confessed to killing Nicole Simpson back in 1995. This is an excerpt of the alleged discussion that supposedly took place while the two fellas were getting tore up:

“O.J.,” I said, “what happened that night? What happened on June 12?” He took a breath, and leaned back. He gave a familiar sigh. He got a very pensive look on his face. He looked at me. “What do you think?” he said. “What do you think happened that night, Mike?” I gave very careful consideration to what I was about to say, and how I was going to say it. I finally answered: “O.J., I believe you were there. I have always believed you were there. In fact, the first thing I said when I heard the news was, ‘So he finally did it.’ ”

Then he said, “Mike, I did go there that night, but I didn’t take a knife. Nicole opened the door with a knife in her hand.”

I waited. A few seconds passed, and then he continued, in a very soft and low mumble, almost as if he were sleep-talking. “If she hadn’t opened that door with a knife in her hand, Mike, she’d still be alive.”

Damn, that was a pretty detailed account of a 13-year old dialogue between two drunk-asses. This dude sounds like he’s hoping to retire off the sales of this suspect material. SMH.


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