Khloe & Lamar Make Their Love Permanent…

- By Bossip Staff

Khloe and Lamar are not done showing the world that their love is real. So, what do you think they did to prove it this time??? Give you a hint, it starts with a T!!!

SMH @ these Attention Whores!!!

Yes… this is definitely the way to show the world that you two REALLY TRULY love each other. WE thought that maybe if you two just live like husband and wife without divorcing… Maybe that will prove it to the world.

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  • Honest Truth

    First! How cheesy!!!!


    WHOMP WHOMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • oooooooh!

    Hey those are cute tats, good for them. I have my husbands name with a rose on my thigh.

  • huh

    Tatoos? They have cursed the realtionship to doom!

  • shesgreen

    now they’re definitely not going to last…

  • Please Stop

    I am getting tired of this relationship already. These b*tches are giving the media something to write about…please someone FAMOUS do something so we can move on from the Kardashians

  • NitaBonita

    shouldn’t those be on the left hand?

  • jia


  • AA

    I think it takes more than a month or so to REALLY know someone… IM sure his true colors aint even came out yet…

    I wonder why Khloe agrred to marry this clown… Shes such a pretty girl idk maybe she said some self esteem issues and felt like no one else would wanna marry her…

  • show orchid

    lamar has to be the most wack-a$$ black man I’ve ever seen!

  • brenda

    cute, i like it 🙂

  • Adeeva

    Getting somebody´s name or anything tatted is PLAIN STUPID, but Im sure they didnt do it to prove anything to yall…smh.

  • show orchid

    they just both need to go sit down somewhere…hopefully she’ll have the same effect on his career as jessica simpson did tony romo! smh.

  • DayShifter

    Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you: I am the LORD.
    Leviticus 19:28

    From the same Bible used when they took their vows!

  • blackbeltshopper

    The tats will last longer than the marriage.

  • NitaBonita

    hell it takes about two years to see someone true colors and sometimes that’s not long enough…oh well, if they like it…hell ya’ll know the rest lol

  • NitaBonita



    Leviticus says a lot of shit, Dayshifter. Lighten up.

  • actright

    They can’t keep anything private. They need to stop trying to convenience the public that their love is real, it should speak for itself (cricket, cricket) oh snaps there isn’t any sound…..

  • Angel B -310 Ca

    I Love it!!!!

  • *aintnoshameinmygame*

    Man, they dont even look right together….you know this girl agreed to marry him just for the attention it would bring….he looks like he’s slow….

  • Candy Cane

    It would take a person with extremely low self esteem, amongst other mental issues, to be jealous of this couple.

    I mean seriously… lol

  • 1TruDiva w/the PlatinumVocals---Pimpin, Platinum style!!! J-Hud's concert was OFF THE MEAT RACK!!!!!!!!!

    OK…..this makes me believe that they are really going to give marriage a try.

    I don’t think even Lamar is dumb enough to do this if he didn’t think it wasn’t.

    I wonder if he’s tattoed his children’s name on him.

  • 1TruDiva w/the PlatinumVocals---Pimpin, Platinum style!!! J-Hud's concert was OFF THE MEAT RACK!!!!!!!!!

    I’m glad he doesn’t have that snarl on his face.

  • I'm Just Sayin

    I like that it spells out LOKO– crazy asses

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