Bossip was on deck for Webstar’s birthday bash last night in NYC and he says he will  be taking a group of Harlem kids on a $5,000 shopping spree in the city. More info and flicks from Webstar’s party under the hood.

On November 4, 2009 at 5pm, Webstar in conjunction with Hot 97’s Cipha Sounds and Peter Rosenberg will be taking the lucky children shopping for school clothing at the well-known Jimmy Jazz clothing store in Harlem in NYC. Webstar hopes the good deed will give children a chance to escape the normal lifestyle that they are used to.  Webstar says:

No matter how far I go in my career or how famous I get, I will always be about the youth in the community, giving back and showing them that it’s cool to have fun and stay in school. There’s nothing like good party music, and when I was growing up music and music videos was about us as kids having fun, doing certain dances and rushing to get to the party to show our friends. I want to bring the life back into music, I want to have fun again and bring the party back, just straight good fun, no matter what I do I will always be about the youth because the youth is our future.”

We didn’t know he had it like that with him being new to the scene, but we guess it ain’t trickin if you got it.


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