@MeAndSomebodySon_ Instagram Page

@MeAndSomebodySon_: This Instagram Page Celebrating Sweet Black Love Is Melananily Melting Instagram

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Source: Image via @d0llaz/@MeAndSomebodySon_


@MeAndSomebodySon_ Instagram Page

Whether you’re a hopeless romantic or someone just casually scrolling through Instagram you might have discovered a certain page sweetly celebrating black love.

@MeAndSomebodySon_ has been burning up news feeds and algorithms with pictures of healthy and thriving black relationships that black women can reshare and repost as #Goals.

The owner of @MeAndSomebodySon_ recently chatted with BOSSIP about their double-tap worthy posts that are melaninly melting the gram with accurate representations of noire coupledom.

What is the purpose of @MeAndSomebodySon_? 

“The purpose of the page is to inspire by showcasing black love. I aim to inspire but also to address the issues that hinder black people from loving each other in a whole and healthy manner. My mottos are “lead with love” and “be the change you want to see” I would like for my page to embody that.”

What inspired @MeAndSomebodySon_? 
“MEANDSOMEBODYSON is from a heterosexual cisgender female perspective. I was inspired by the page ME&SOMEBODYDAUGHTER which was from the male perspective. I have always been a hopeless romantic girl so when I found this page dedicated to Black men expressing love, I was over the moon. After some time, I started to yearn for a page that directly spoke to my experiences and my perspective because not only did ME&SOMEBODYDAUGHTER exist but so did MEANDSOMEBODYQUEERKIN. I wanted a lane and space that I could personally resonate with. For a little while, I posted the memes on my story and I was pretty consistent in doing so. One day a friend messaged me via DM saying she loved the posts that I was making and how she wishes it was an actual page, a few exchanged messages later and I was in the process of making MEANDSOMEBODYSON.”
Me And Somebody Son

Source: Image via @deliverusfromnisha, @the_legacyof_kg, @MeAndSomebodySon_

When did you realize that it was really catching on on social media and have you had any celebrity support?  
“The page was created in February 2019, but didn’t gain a serious following until about mid-March, I don’t know the exact moment because it all happened so fast. One thing I can say is I am so grateful for all the support and for all the people who reach out to me. People constantly thank me but I thank them because they inspire me to continue leading with love.
I have had some celebrities like my pictures which is shocking every time. The most recent is getting recognized by Warner Brothers, and “Shaft” the movie.” 
Why do you think it’s important to share black love?
“I think it is important to showcase black love because representation matters. It is also to my belief that black love is the strongest love a black person can experience. All too often in mainstream media, we don’t see these images so we are lead to believe that it doesn’t exist, I’m here to debunk all of that. 
The world can be an evil place towards black people and so can the internet, my goal was to create a safe, positive, and inspirational space and highlight that black love is alive and well and exists in all shapes, shades, and forms.”

Source: Image via @danielle_laurette, @MeAndSomebodySon_

What does black love mean to you?
“First and foremost to me, black Love is a form of understanding that you cannot get anywhere else. Black love is not only being seen, but it is also being heard. It’s acknowledgment, it is compassion, it’s respect, it’s strength, it’s accountability.
Black love is to be a protector and guide for your partner. The essence of black love is an everlasting and unique unity.”
How can a couple be featured? 
Couples can be featured by submitting pictures via Instagram. Visit @meandsomebodyson_ on Instagram for submission guidelines. 
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Source: Image via @telizabeth__, @MeAndSomebodySon_



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