YouTube Family Fraud: Queen Naija Blasts Sister For Stealing Clarence’s Credit Card…But Was It A Taste Of Clarence’s Own Medicine?

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Clarence Puts Queen Naija’s Sister On Blast For Stealing His Credit Card

There’s a bit of YouTube family drama popping off on twitter and Queen Naija is dead smack in the center of it.

Clarence White, Queen’s baby daddy, accused Queen’s teenage sister Tina of stealing his credit card to buy an outfit.

After some investigation, it wasn’t hard for fans to figure out it was Tina.

Click HERE to see Tina’s apology to Queen for stealing and to see her explain her disdain for Clarence. In the clip, Tina says that Clarence needed to be taught a lesson after allegedly disrespecting her and Queen’s mom at the hospital when she gave birth.

“I swiped for it to show you that you’re not about to disrespect my mama at the hospital and get all in her face like you’re about to fight her bro. Period. You still gotta a** whoopin comin… I ain’t never had to steal. I did that to show you somethin.”

It’s clear that Queen wasn’t here for her sister’s apology. In a subtweet, she suggests Tina is lying.

Clarence continued to weigh in, blasting Tina for allegedly stealing money from Queen to order $600 in pizza previously. SMH.

Of course, fans of Queen and Clarence had A LOT to say about them putting her teenage sister on front street.

Hit the flip to see how they’re weighing in.

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