Cops = Corrupt??

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Posted by Bossip Staff

Those nut-ass Philly cops that were caught red-handed last week are under full investigation.

Click HERE to read about a startling revelation in this case as well as the details of the investigation.

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  • Marquis de Sade


  • http://aol PurpleHaze

    This is old, but a damn shame no less

  • tj

    Black people in Philly wake up. First Michael Nutter does all he can to keep Barack from winning Pennsylvania now he is covering up policemen who beat innocent black men for no good reason! When are we going to vote these people out on their behinds! If Chaka Fattah was mayor this mess would not fly.

  • Crazy Ass Rodney

    Cop = Corrupt…YES!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Brooklyn, Stand UP!

    This is trully a sad sight. You would think after all we have been through with police brutality that this kind of stuff wouldn’t happen anymore post Rodney King, Amado D’alo, Sean Bell, etc. Once again the police have shown us their true colors.

  • Ms Cinnamon 08

    Damn Man…this is sad…I was just laughing a few minutes ago…now I feel like crying…America is f*cked up!!

  • I'm Just Me

    Good! I am tired of this foolishness. But I hope they get some type of punishment….I am also tired of these people getting away with this.

  • 777

    people it’s time to put 2 and 2 together and realize whats going here. Does any body else find it as a odd coincedence that this was all “conviently” being recoreded by a helicopter camera which the cops had to have heard overhead. this is all a part of the plans to get a race war & v.sthe cops war going on so they can put some kind of new law in place to control the people v.s the cop war which in tern will take more of your rights until its a police?martial law state. why do you think not only this but sean bell and other cop cruelty and injustice etc. has been all over the news. because they want the citzens to get mad ,react then boom there goes a new law set in place to take more of your rights. just like 9/11 and the patriot act.

  • bree

    i don’t agree that because someone is accused of killing a cop, they should get beat merciless by other cops, because they are criminal..that doesn’t make sense

    777- grrrrrrrrrrreat point

    @Southern Belle 225

    about a year ago i was speeding and i was pulled over..i was doing like 85 in a the time the cop decided to pull out and come after me i was doing 65 and i had the nerve to say to him when he said he was giving me a ticket, that i was doing 65 and his radar was broken..technically i was speeding, but by the time he caught up to me i was definitely doing 65..i plead not guilty and the ticket was dropped! 😀






  • 1TruDiva w/The PlatinumVocals FINALLY got her gravie back!!!!!!!!


    I’m agree with you on this. Just to add a little more—I just hope that they had the right guys. Do I think it’s wrong for the police to use brutality? Yes! It just adds insult to injury when it’s the wrong guy(s) and they cover it up.

    There are corrupt police everywhere and they make it difficult for us as a people to trust them.

  • Kemi at Hiphossip

    Glad those cops beat those 3 black guys very well. I will shoot their asses. What you fail to realize is that one of those cops saw them open fire at 3 people after a bad drug deal. That could have been my son that went down in the shooting. Thank God my kid doesn’t sell drugs but that was SOMEONE’S son!!!

  • Injera70

    Kemi those guys are innocent,what if your son was beat by cops for nothing that he did. You came off real ignorant just now.

  • ELove

    For the PEOPLE that didn’t click the link about the update of the story… The 3 black guys in the car were innocent, They weren’t cop killers

    Reading IS fundamental People !!!

  • algghhf

    The black guy is innocent. I just found himn and the whole video on a celebrity dat-ing club’S e a r c h i n gM i l l i o n a i r e** c o m’. seems he is very popular there.

  • RDJ

    I’m an expat from Philly. Cut my teeth there and will never ever return. This was reason number 2 of 5 why I left. The whole got damn police system is corrupt and what you see caught on tape happens all the time but is rarely caught on tape. In Philly, you’re guilty until you can pay the right people off.

  • Mr.Educated

    if this thread was about Kim K. it would have 239 replys.SMH

  • Kompton's Kutie


  • WordzOfaProphet

    This is f*^cked up. When will da police learn that the badge u wear don’t make u exempt from doing the right thing. They had no reason whatsoever to pull this and police are getting away with waaaayy to much. And for them 2 be so stupid and do this right after the black community and half the nation is so upset on the outcome of the Sean Bell case. I dont care if it was racism or not, this shouldn’t have happened PERIOD. I don’t care if they were beating up other white men, mexicans, puerto ricans, Indians, French men, Hondurians, Ethiopians, Haitians, or whatever… wrong is wrong and they shouldn’t be suspended with/without pay there asses shud be fired and never allowed to hold such a position another day in their lives.

  • WordzOfaProphet

    But down here in Houston a man is being charged with killing a poice officer and he’s an illegal alien. When they have illegal aliens down here who sexually abuse children they get deported. He shud be deported not made to stand trial if the next man can come and go in America as he pleases and F*^k lil kids 4 his sick ass twisted enjoyment

    What da hell is wrong with that picture and the system??

  • LeoGirl

    I am raising to young black boys and everytime I hear of another young black man losing his life or being abused by the police….I get angry!!! I don’t care what someone is accused of doing…the police’s job is to protect and serve the community…Black People we need to wake up and stand up for this injustice!! If we don’t take a stand against all forms of corruption they will continue to kill our black men!!! I am not saying that everyone who is a target may not have committed a wrong…but it is not the cops job to decide on site to administer their form of justice!!! If my sons were found to have broken the law…I wouldn’t have a problem with them being arrested, but I damn sure would have a problem with someone who does not even know anything about them other than them being a black male disciplining them!!! That’s my job and guaranteed they would definitely be more afraid of what I would do to them versus the police!!! Ask yourself would this type of injustice happen in predominately white areas??? They have just as many cases of theft, violence, and drug usage in their communities…but you don’t see white cops going there and pulling people out of their cars and beating them!!! Why?? Yes black on black crime is an issue…but it is just as much white on white crime too!!! All I am saying is that something in America will not let us get past this race issue..because that what this all boils down to…RACE!! You don’t see 20 black cops beating white men (young or old).. I am afraid for my young sons and pray everyday that they are protected, because even though it sad, but true…They could die from the hands of white men or their fellow brotherman!!!

  • ThatBKChick-n-Oakland

    Michael Bell…this ish and there has been a rash of shootings from the Oakland Police Department on innocent people since Feburary 2008. The latest victim was a Latino boy who was only 15 years old, who was shot a near by elementary school…who was not armed, but the police dirty…they tried to plant a weapon on him…SDMH! Three weeks before this shooting the Oakland Police shot and killed a 71 year old man, supposedely holding a gun….he was mentally ill….there is no justice!!!

    I am helping organize a March in Oakland this weekend to march AGAINST the damned police…I wish they come out and mess with us….”I from a town called “fresh over a cops azz”, and these pigs are making me home sick”–Robin Harris, House Party I.

  • WHAT?

    This makes me so angry!!!! That is exactly why I’m a law student!!!! Somebody has to woek harder to end this nonsense. Nothing will happen to these bastards. They’ll probably get off, just like the bastards in the Sean Bell case!

  • WHAT?

    “work” typing too fast cuz I’m angry!!!

  • dee

    I’m a police officer and I think it is messed up that we get a bad rep. Like with any job, there bad apples, but what about the good apples. when we save kids, catch people breaking into your homes, responed to your homes when you are having problems, or when one of us dies behind something that we had to respond to but had nothing to do with. I am a female and I am a mother. I know what kind of power I have and I have never abused it. To the cops that are what goes around comes around. If you can give it you can take it.

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