Twitter Files: Camel’s BFF Larry “Jack-Up” Johnson Uses Gay Slur And Apologizes

- By Bossip Staff

Joe Camel’s BFF Larry Johnson is back in trouble and this time did something just as bad as spitting in someone’s face:

Several reporters tried to talk to Kansas City Chiefs running back Larry Johnson on Monday, but Johnson said he did not talk on Monday’s. Radio station 810 WHB reports that Johnson said a homophobic slur in telling some of the reporters to get away from his locker. KCTV5 has video here of Johnson saying…… he did not want to talk, but not of any negative remarks made about media members. Kansas City Chiefs running back Larry Johnson took to his Twitter account Sunday night to bash his coach and trade insults with several people. Although Johnson’s Twitter account, @toonicon, is now private, the running back voiced some frustration with head coach Todd Haley, including bashing his coach for not playing football in college or in the pros.

“My father played for the coach from ‘remember the titans’. Our coach played golf. My father played for redskins briefly. Our coach. nuthn,” Johnson wrote Sunday night.

Johnson also replied to a number of fans and used a gay slur in one of his replies. Some of his replies include:

“@jaredlaunius think bout a clever diss than that wit your (gay slur) pic. Christopher street boy. Is what us east coast cats call u.”

“@DrewK30 got nuthn to do wit hiring my father. But u wouldn’t know cuz u don’t play either so keep on the sideline lil gril n cheer.”

“@jaredlaunius Sorry ur a cornball n ur mom birthed u broke. But I’m cakn patna. While u work or school for 5 dollas n hour. Ha!”

“@KD2407 then don’t reply then. Still richer then u. Keep goin. Come play our game ooops forgot u can’t.”

This guy is a piece of work. He is using gay slurs but has a bromance with Jay? SMH.


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  • ...............YIKES

    Larry is tooooo damn fine!!! I don’t care what he says.. he can still… (insert here). 🙂


  • bobby

    So he’s gay because he has a male best friend? That’s the issue with this, not the fact that he said some offensive shit? Whoever writes these articles ain’t right in the head.

  • Trixxie


  • http://bossip shawn jones

    He won’t be there next season

  • Isis

    Hmmmmmmm?!?!? Is it really this serious?

  • Ty-Ty

    Why does having a guy friend make you want to “SMH”? That’s silly Bos..

  • Trixxie

    well tho i was 😦
    that man right there is fine, of course the other one not Hov

  • Jazz

    dumba** is ignorant…

    im 1stttttttttttttttttt…

  • Alrighty Then...

    @……………YIKES – lol… co-sign.

  • diane

    pot callling the kettle black…smh

  • No u can't be boyfriend #2!


  • tb

    Jay-Z should only take pics with ppl who are uglier than him, it would make him look handsome.

  • Keify (west-Bmore)

    He’ll probably break his ankle this year and go broke!

  • Mr. Cool

    Do any one really have freedom of speech these days?

  • Mr. Cool

    Do we really have freedom of speech these days?

    Do you! F_ that being politically correct bullsh-t!

  • Khristal

    He is a fool-Straight fool

  • ShawnM

    ……@ Yikes….. I COSIGN!!!

    @ TB…. LMAO, SOOO TRUE!!!

    I wish he were a little more HUMBLE :-/… But, he’s definitely still a CUTIE, lol

  • 1 HATED ON

    I be glad when wealthy professionals leave the internet garbage for media & fans! They should focus more on making their teams better since their highly compensated. You sting the critics more when your play speaks for their words.

    Speaking of play speaking for words. This Cav fan is clearly aware of Shaq’s purpose with the team, but I hope lebrons mini me pippens step their games up. All they have to do is hit open jumpers when the offensive is similiar to tresselball at ohio state football. Professionals should do more to sustain their keep than feeling irrelevent on tv or the internet.

  • SteelCityChick

    Gotta call grown azz men outta their names?! Larry is a straight up punk!

  • rose by any other name

    Larry~~ you fine as hell do what you want to honey~!!

  • GoodKarma4Me

    Gosh damn i dont know who that guy is and I dont care what he said…Alls I know is he is FWINE!!!!

  • GoodKarma4Me

    Now all the men are hating…..Jealous much…LMAO

  • GoodKarma4Me

    Hey rose…Whats up?

  • tennis

    Young and stupid

  • Divine

    Mr. Cool

    Do any one really have freedom of speech these days?
    Yep.. But Freedom of speech does not equal freedom from consequences.

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