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Gun Stockpiling Coast Gaurd Officer Wanted Race War

A white supremacist/ Coast Guard officer Christopher Hasson was indicted for stockpiling automatic weapons and drafting a kill list of notable political figures and journalists like Nancy Pelosi, Obama, and MSNBC’s Ari Melber according to TalkingPointsMemo.

Hasson made a request to be released last week because prosecutors have not charged him with any terrorism-related crimes.

Strangely, despite the obvious circumstances surrounding Hasson’s initial arrest, a judge gave him the chance to ask for his freedom if he was not charged with the crimes the prosecution laid out in the court filings.

But prosecutors say that can’t happen, noting that a Maryland grand jury brought a four-count indictment charging Hasson with illegal possession of unregistered and unmarked silencers, illegal possession of 17 firearms by an addict of controlled substances, and possession of the opioid Tramadol. The new filing provides new details about what prosecutors allege Hasson planned to do with these materials.

Based on the things Hasson has been searching on the internet, it’s pretty clear why prosecutors don’t want this guy walking the streets.

Those searches, between summer 2017 and his February 2019 arrest, include “white homeland,” “when are whites going to wake up,” “please god let there be a race war,” and “best ni**er killing gun.” In addition to the “hit list” he maintained of prominent Democrats and journalists, Hasson searched for the home addresses of two Supreme Court justices “within minutes before and after searching firearm sales websites.”

ALL that said…

SMFH. That judge shouldn’t be allowed to sit on the bench anymore.



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