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Kelly Rowland was spotted at the Sex and the City premiere recently all pretty in purple. Word is she’s been throwing around them stacks left and right in her new home town, London:

“Kelly Rowland ended a weekend of house hunting in Chelsea by blowing £116,000 on booze and food with friends Usher and Nelly at two London night clubs. First up, Rowland spent £6,000 on barbecued grub at Chelsea club Mamilanji before crossing town to ultra-glamorous Kensington club Amika. She arrived at the celebrity hotspot with Nelly and Usher and they got stuck into the vintage Dom Perignon champagne and some rather expensive food as well. The party went on to spend a whopping £110,000 on food and drink – way above the pricey night spot’s minimum spend rule of £1000 a table.”

And in case you didn’t know, £116,000 is equivalent to 225,629 American duckets. Sounds like that were really getting it in this weekend. You can best believe we’ll revisit this topic when she comes up bankrupt one day.


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  • k.k

    2nd…she iight

  • Mr.Educated

    if the topic was Kim K. there would be 239 replys

  • Re

    Oh I just hate those prom shoes she’s wearing. But the purple is very flattering!

  • Kompton's Kutie

    Luv the dress.

  • Madame Enigma

    I agree, the purple is very flattering on her.

    po’ thang…

  • Valenne

    AHAHAHAAHH cool, who said kelly was broke???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • Southern Belle 225

    I love love love the dress! I don’t like the shoes but the color of the shoes complement the dress very well! She looks good and her skin is just beautiful! I don’t think she’s going to be hurting in the money dept. DC made lots and lots and lots of change so she should be set forever. However, unless she has some other money coming in somewhere that we don’t know about, she better spend wisely!

  • beautiful b

    i hardly doubt kelly is broke..she may not be beyonce but she was part of one of the most successful POP groups in history…later for that theory and daddy knowles knows how to make people break bread, but she is looking real cute lately…good job we do not miss those red streaks.

  • ~*~IslandNik~*~

    i love her so much..:(.. i hope she makes it big in the uk… shes really talented…!!!

  • Vinandi

    I work in High street Ken and Amika is down the road and is a smoking hot club! My mates were there and apparently Miss k, Nelly and co. were well freindly and had a fabulous time!!

    Miss K, is always on the T.V here, and in the magazines! the UK loves her!! and BTW maybe Usher and Nelly picked up the tag- none of them are broke ass!

  • Soul Cry

    As always, she looks flawless. Bring Kelly!

  • SW10

    omg vinandi where do u work coz i work in high street ken to and yes the UK loves her its a shame the US didn’t give her chance coz her album was really good.

  • algDDD

    wow. damn hot…She is so attractive. It’s said she has dated a very wealthy businessman on the celebrity and milliona ire dat ing site named ‘S earching M illionaire***c om’.wish her good luck.

  • Anonymous3 - the fire sign

    just think…when she goes to events and gets paid in London, it’s more than what she would make here…….she ain’t hardly broke,

  • I'm Just Me

    She looks great! Good look Kelly.

  • Blacksmith

    Me doubts this chick will ever be broke. And it was the GROUP of them that spent the money, not Kelly by herself.

  • Just Sit and Be Pretty

    She looks pretty. Glad she’s having fun in the U.K.

  • cns

    It’ funny how the (so-called) plain and boring one is turning into the beautiful swan. Kelly was always my favorite.

  • Koi Norelle

    She is rockin’ that purple dress! She looks great and I am happy to hear that she is happy and enjoying herself in London.

  • Missy

    Gone Kelly! Her confidence is beaming in these photos. I guess she say the hell with you folks talking reckless about her. She’s happy in her skin these days.


    To BISSOP: Either you have gotten your international currency exchange rate, terribly wrong. Or someone is feeding you all false information. $225,629, is over a quarter of a million dollars, American currency. And I assure you Miss Kelly, or no one in her party, spent this amount. It is virtually impossible to spend that kind of money partying. Even in London. Believe me I have tried hard, and the nearest I have ever gotten was $57,000 large, for a night of partying. Unless you rent out a 250 foot yacht for the week, you will not spend a quarter of million just partying. Or unless, you were just to out right make the owner an offer, to become a partner of the club. BISSOP….. Fact check, just a little (MORE BETTER.) ARTOFWAR.

  • Aoki Lee

    She looks stunningly beautiful I love her hair & her skin is the best in the biz!!!

  • Vinandi

    @ SW10

    Hey Chick! I actually work in Marketing at the Royal Albert to be exact- just down the road! You???

    I love the Aldo in Hight Street Ken-I weep every time i pass by- the shoes are divine!!!!

    But- so true- Miss kelly is well talented! a bit corney but I love her! Work it, was a big hit and I told ya ( with Eve) too! I guess in the USA- Bey was always going to be the star- whereas her in the UK people accept her!

  • gimme a break

    kelly looks really nice in that dress

    she playing beyonce very close LOL

    not a fan

  • glok9n


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