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Burglar Accidentally Butt-Dials 911 In The Middle Of A Best Buy Robbery

The dreaded butt dial couldn’t have come at a worse time for two Texas burglars trying to hit a Best Buy.

According to New York Daily News, they accidentally butt dialed 911 while they were trying to rob the store, contributing to the police crashing the scene.

The call came around 3 a.m. from a cellphone, but there was nothing but background noise. The cops pinged the phone and peeped that the call originated from a Best Buy in Sugarland, a Houston suburb. Around the same time this happened, the store’s burglary alarm sounded, according to police.

“They somehow butt-dialed 911, they put it all together,” a Houston Police Department spokesman told KTRK. “Officers were already en route to the alarm call when they got the other 911 call.”


Stashed with stolen products, the two thieves fled the cops in a stolen pickup truck. Police followed them on a 40-minute high-speed chase that reached 120 miles per hour, said police.

Two of three suspects were eventually caught, and cops found laptops and other electronics in the truck. They didn’t identify the two suspects or mention what happened to the third one.



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