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Posted by Bossip Staff

Just 2 months after Nahla’s birth, Halle’s determined to shed those spare pounds:

“The Oscar winner, 41, works out with trainer Ramona Braganza for one hour, five days a week. Together they go through Braganza’s 321 Baby Bulge Be Gone workout, comprised of three cardio segments, two circuit segments and one Core Segment. In terms of diet, Berry is eating lots of vegetables, lean proteins and complex carbohydrates, as well as drinking a large quantity of water.”

We say whatever it takes to get the ‘baddest body in show biz back’ in action. Check out a classic pic of her Halle-ness in full effect below.


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  • lil latte


  • lil latte

    It won’t take her long,she looks like she is still toned up

  • Ro Ro

    damn it…I wanted to be first. lol

  • I'm Just Me

    I think she looks great! WTF is the problem?

  • Valenne

    lets just say that even with her gorgrous face, she would never be chosen to be a james bond girl if she was not that slim! Face it?? White America make her a star then she has to conform to their standards. Now if she wants to work with Tyler Perry then she can even get bigger if she wants!

  • Chillin @ Work

    Ha!! comments like the one above makes me laugh- conform to white america, last time I check Halle is of both races

  • Ash *

    I mean she is beautiful, but you think her body is bangin’ yet she got a white girl body?


    I’m not a real big fan of ole girl, but she looks good.

  • RU$$

    I Hope she keeps that big Rack 🙂

  • Ash *

    I’m confused, you cut on other females gettin too skinny and want the curves…

  • Valenne

    @ chillin

    this has nothing to do with halle race! This has to do with the facts that black and white have different standards and you know damn well that if your not a size sero, you wil be more like ly to call fat! I am just sayin! Halle Berry has her pass because she is gorgeous but they don’t want no THICK gal in their movies especially to play the PIN UP! So Halle has to conform to the white standards to be able to get big roles like she used to! This has nothing to do with her being white. Same thing for beyonce that keep dieting to look slim! Why?????

  • Cage

    ^^^ Shorty aint from America, she simply dont know any better…. So sometimes it comes out soundin stupid..

    This country is run like a big sweatshop, i dont care if its white or beige i just gotta stay on the grind…

  • Valenne


    likely to be called fat!

  • Valenne

    @ cage,

    are u talking to me???

  • Cage

    @ Valenne: Was talkin to Chillin, but it was about you… I was actually stickin up for you cause even though i knew what you were saying, the average white person would take offense.

  • Cage

    Hey bree long time no see 😉

    Halle still bangin though… Once her stitchin heals up its a wrap lol

  • Brooklyn, Stand UP!

    Halle is a certified dyme piece!

  • Valenne

    @ Cage,

    Ok, i just thought it was a BLACK GOSSIP and i ve seen more hateful comments towards white people here!

    Saying that we have different standards when it comes to beauty and WEIGHT is an offense? Ok maybe i guess. Sorry if i offend anybody then!!

  • bree

    yes, are barely here 😦 ..hope all is well

    hello Brooklyn!





  • Octavia

    Get em, Halle!

  • ms braided beauty chicago style giving chitown all the love even r kelly

    If you want to be offended.. go to the white sites especially after they talk all kinds of crap about Kanye right when his mother died.. white folks talk bad about blacks on a regular basis on there!! talking about they dont like his music and its one less monkey on this earth… wow i couldnt believe what i was reading!

  • Lady Love

    It takes hard work to get back in shape and I think it says a lot that she is going to do the work instead of going under the knife then telling a lie about it. So many Hwood Actresses say,”the weight just fell off or all I did was walk and breastfeed”.

    The body goes thru a lot to carry a baby for 9mnths, it takes just as much to get it back.

  • da darkness

    keeping it one hun-ned she is very slack. knockers yes, but mentally no.

  • Lovely One

    @ Ash

    I mean she is beautiful, but you think her body is bangin’ yet she got a white girl body?


    I don’t think she has a “white” body. I think she has (had – pre baby) an “in shape” body. Black girls may generally be curvy but every black girl aint THICK!!! I would take Halle’s body over Beyonce any day! (No offense to Beyonce)

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